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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Alternative routes to good jobs in the service economy: Employment restructuring and human resource management in incumbent telecommunications firmsDoellgast, V; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Benassi, C
9-Jun-2017Anger, anxiety and corruption perceptions: Evidence from FranceBirch, S; Allen, NJ; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2014Building Social Capital in the Polish-German border region: An Evaluation of the effectiveness of EU-funded Small ProjectsSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Płoszaj, A
2013Can multiple streams predict the territorial cohesion debate in the EU?Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
11-Jan-2016Contesting firm boundaries: Institutions, cost structures and the politics of externalizationDoellgast, V; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Benassi, C
2013Cross-border cooperation in central Europe: A comparison of culture and policy effectiveness in the Polish–German and Polish–Slovak border regionsSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Roman-Kamphaus, U
17-Aug-2022Experience matters, after all: What social psychology can teach us about transnational contact and trustSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2011Germans’ transnational contact and trust in other nations: A methodologically cosmopolitan approachSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2016Honesty above all else? Expectations and Perceptions of Political Conduct in three established DemocraciesAllen, N; Birch, S; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
10-May-2015‘In it together’? The political consequences of perceived discommunions of interest in British politicsAllen, N; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
9-Feb-2016Institutions and Inequality in Liberalizing Markets: Explaining Different Trajectories of Institutional Change in Social EuropeBenassi, C; Doellgast, VL; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2014Marktliberalisierung und der Wandel der Beschäftigungsverhältnisse in der deutschen TelekommunikationsbrancheDoellgast, V; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2014No sex scandals please, we're French: French attitudes towards politicians' public and private conductSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Allen, N; Birch, S
11-Apr-2019A Note from the New Editorial TeamFisher, J; Hansen, ME; Pickering, S; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2016The quest for a panacea. A comparative varieties of capitalism analysis of the economic adjustment programmes in Greece and IrelandKlos, Benjamin
2014‘Routledge (58) argues…’: A quasi-experimental evaluation of different formats to teach students how to referenceSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2015Union campaigns to organize across production networks in the European telecommunications industry: lessons from the UK, Italy, Sweden and PolandDoellgast, V; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K; Benassi, C