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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Bioavailability of organic contaminants in riversOnogbosele, Cyril Oziegbe
2017Biodegradation of the steroid progesterone in surface watersOjoghoro, Jasper Oreva
2018Development of a novel model to quantify nitrous oxide emissions in the biological nutrient removal process of wastewater treatment plantsMassara, Theoni Maria
2007Editorial: Controversies and solutions in environmental sciences: Addressing toxicity of sediments and soilsHollert, H; Ahlf, W; Heise, S; Manz, W; Scrimshaw, M; White, S
2013The effect of sewage effluent on trace metal speciation: implications for the biotic ligand model approachConstantino, Carlos
2016The effect of wastewater effluent derived ligands on copper and zinc complexationScrimshaw, M
2011An evaluation of biotic ligand models predicting acute copper toxicity to Daphnia magna in wastewater effluentConstantino, C; Scrimshaw, M; Comber, S; Churchley, J
2018Examining the impacts of projected precipitation changes on sugar beet yield in Eastern EnglandJoseph, Stanley Ob
2015Future water quality monitoring - Adapting tools to deal with mixtures of pollutants in water resource managementAltenburger, R; Ait-Aissa, S; Antczak, P; Backhaus, T; Barceló, D; Seiler, T-B; Brion, F; Busch, W; Chipman, K; de Alda, ML; de Aragão Umbuzeiro, G; Escher, BI; Falciani, F; Faust, M; Focks, A; Hilscherova, K; Hollender, J; Hollert, H; Jäger, F; Jahnke, A; Kortenkamp, A; Krauss, M; Lemkine, GF; Munthe, J; Neumann, S; Schymanski, EL; Scrimshaw, M; Segner, H; Slobodnik, J; Smedes, F; Kughathas, S; Teodorovic, I; Tindall, AJ; Tollefsen, KE; Walz, K-H; Williams, TD; Van den Brink, PJ; van Gils, J; Vrana, B; Zhang, X; Brack, W
2014An integrated multidisciplinary approach to study the effects of copper and osmotic stress in fishDe Polo, Anna
2018Particle size analysis, quantification and identification of microplastics in selected consumer products: A critical comparison of methods and analytical techniquesRenner, Kofi Omare
2013Socioeconomic Valuation of Hazardous Chemicals Control: State of the Art and Future Prospects report for the Royal Society of Chemistry, the UK Environment Agency and UK Chemicals Stakeholder ForumScrimshaw, M
2014The SOLUTIONS project: Challenges and responses for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources managementBrack, W; Altenburger, R; Schüürmann, G; Krauss, M; López Herráez, D; van Gils, J; Slobodnik, J; Munthe, J; Gawlik, BM; van Wezel, A; Schriks, M; Hollender, J; Tollefsen, KE; Mekenyan, O; Dimitrov, S; Bunke, D; Cousins, I; Posthuma, L; van den Brink, PJ; López de Alda, M; Barceló, D; Faust, M; Kortenkamp, A; Scrimshaw, M; Ignatova, S; Engelen, G; Massmann, G; Lemkine, G; Teodorovic, I; Walz, KH; Dulio, V; Jonker, MT; Jäger, F; Chipman, K; Falciani, F; Liska, I; Rooke, D; Zhang, X; Hollert, H; Vrana, B; Hilscherova, K; Kramer, K; Neumann, S; Hammerbacher, R; Backhaus, T; Mack, J; Segner, H; Escher, B; de Aragão Umbuzeiro, G
2010Syntheses, characterisation and applications of ionic liquids to recover materials from WEEEFaivre, Romain