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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Abstract P1-04-09: The missing link: Chemicals, epigenetics and breast cancerMaund, PR; Ermler, S; Widschwendter, M; Silva, E
2016Abstract P6-05-03: Investigating the effects of low-dose mixtures of environmental contaminants on breast cancer initiationSilva, E; Ermler, S; Widschwendter, M; Maund, PR
2007Activity of xenoestrogens at nanomolar concentrations in the E-screen assaySilva, E; Scholze, M; Kortenkamp, A
2021Characterisation of ACBD3 and PI4Kβ expression in breast cancer and the effects of ACBD3 overexpressionHoughton-Gisby, Jack
19-May-2015Combined estrogenic and anti-estrogenic properties of estetrol on breast cancer may provide a safe therapeutic window for the treatment of menopausal symptomsGérard, C; Mestdagt, M; Tskitishvili, E; Communal, L; Gompel, A; Silva, E; Arnal, JF; Lenfant, F; Noel, A; Foidart, JM; Péqueux, C
2002Combining xenoestrogens at levels below individual No-observed-effect concentrations dramatically enhances steroid hormone actionRajapakse, N; Silva, E; Kortenkamp, A
2020Conceptual design and development of a research tool: - the Vagina-on-chip (VOC)Naveenathayalan, Angel Kayalvilli
2012Disruption of 3D MCF-12A breast cell cultures by estrogens - An in vitro model for ER-mediated changes indicative of hormonal carcinogenesisMarchese, S; Silva, E
2008Estrogens and genomic instability in human cancer cells-involvement of Src/Raf/Erk signaling in micronucleus formation by estrogenic chemicalsKabil, A; Silva, E; Kortenkamp, A
2014Extending the applicability of the dose addition model to the assessment of chemical mixtures of partial agonists by using a novel toxic unit extrapolation methodScholze, M; Silva, E; Kortenkamp, A
9-Nov-2016Functional and prognostic significance of the genomic amplification of frizzled receptor 6 ( FZD6 ) in breast cancerCorda, G; Sala, G; Lattanzio, R; Iezzi, M; Sallese, M; Fragassi, G; Lamolinara, A; Mirza, H; Barcaroli, D; Ermler, S; Silva, E; Yasaei, H; Newbold, RF; Vagnarelli, P; Mottolese, M; Natali, PG; Perracchio, L; Quist, J; Grigoriadis, A; Marra, P; Tutt, AN; Piantelli, M; Iacobelli, S; De Laurenzi, V; Sala, A
5-May-2021Identification of Potential Bisphenol A (BPA) Exposure Biomarkers in Ovarian CancerZahra, A; Dong, Q; Hall, M; Jeyaneethi, J; Silva, E; Karteris, E; Sisu, C
2018Investigating the effects of bisphenol a on the human placentade Aguiar Greca, Sophie-Christine
3-Feb-2020Involvement of the Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) in Human Placentationde Aguiar Greca, S-C; Kyrou, I; Pink, R; Randeva, H; Grammatopoulos, D; Silva, E; Karteris, E
14-Oct-2020Is there a link between bisphenol A (BPA), a key endocrine disruptor, and the risk for SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19?Zahra, A; Sisu, C; Silva, E; De Aguiar Greca, S-C; Randeva, H; Chatha, K; Kyrou, I; Karteris, E
2018The missing link: endocrine disrupting chemicals, epigenetics and breast cancer riskMaund, Phoebe Rebekah
2014Non-tumorigenic epithelial cells secrete MCP-1 and other cytokines that promote cell division in breast cancer cells by activating ERα via PI3K/Akt/mTOR signalingRiverso, M; Kortenkamp, A; Silva, E
6-Aug-2021A Review of Biomaterials and Scaffold Fabrication for Organ-on-a-Chip (OOAC) SystemsOsório, L; Silva, E; Mackay, R
3-Aug-2021The Role of the 3Rs for Understanding and Modeling the Human PlacentaCosta, J; Mackay, R; de Aguiar Greca, S-C; Corti, A; Silva, E; Karteris, E; Ahluwalia, A
2011Safety of herbal medicinal products: Echinacea and selected alkylamides do not induce CYP3A4 mRNA expressionModarai, M; Silva, E; Suter, A; Heinrich, M; Kortenkamp, A