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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Activity testing model for automatic correction of hand pointingSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zhang, H; Wang, F
2009The air-liquid flow in a microfluidic airway treeSong, Y; Baudoin, M; Manneville, P; Baroud, CN; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
2014Automatic correction of hand pointing in stereoscopic depthSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zeng, J; Wang, F
2009Detection of the TCDD binding-fingerprint within the Ah receptor ligand binding domain by structurally driven mutagenesis and functional analysisPandini, A; Soshilov, AA; Song, Y; Zhao, J; Bonati, L; Denison, MS
14-Oct-2021Endec-decoder-based N-step model predictive control: Detectability, stability and optimizationSong, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Liu, S
7-Dec-2019Factors Influencing the Adoption of Health Information Standards in Health Care Organizations: A Systematic Review Based on Best Fit Framework SynthesisHan, L; Liu, J; Evans, R; Song, Y; Ma, J
2008An intelligent genetic algorithm for PAPR reduction in a multi-carrier CDMA wireless systemZhang, Y; Ni, Q; Chen, HH; Song, Y
2008Intelligent genetic algorithms for next-generation broadband multi-carrier CDMA wireless networksZhang, Yang
2017Lattice design and expected performance of the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment demonstration of ionization coolingCollaboration, MICE; Bogomilov, M; Tsenov, R; Vankova-Kirilova, G; Song, Y; Tang, J; Li, Z; Bertoni, R; Bonesini, M; Chignoli, F; Mazza, R; Drielsma, F; Karadzhov, Y; Charnley, G; Collomb, N; Gallagher, A; Grant, A; Griffiths, S; Mullacrane, I; Hartnett, T; Martlew, B; Nichols, A; Oates, A; Owens, P; Stokes, G; Tucker, M; Warburton, P; White, C; Adams, D; Nugent, JC; Anderson, RJ; Barclay, P; Preece, R; Bayliss, V; Boehm, J; Bradshaw, TW; Courthold, M; Dumbell, K; Francis, V; Fry, L; Hayler, T; Soler, FJP; Hills, M; Ricciardi, S; Lintern, A; Macwaters, C; Rogers, C; Stanley, T; Tarrant, J; Wilson, A; Gamet, R; Watson, S; Bayes, R; Smith, PJ; Barber, G; Blackmore, VJ; Colling, D; Dobbs, A; Dornan, P; Hunt, C; Kurup, A; Pidcott, C; Lagrange, J-B; Long, K; Wilbur, S; Martyniak, J; Middleton, S; Pasternak, J; Uchida, MA; Cobb, JH; Lau, W; Booth, CN; Hodgson, P; Taylor, I; Langlands, J; Dick, AJ; Overton, E; Robinson, M; Ronald, K; Whyte, CG; Young, AR; Boyd, S; Gardener, RBS; Franchini, P; Greis, JR; Snopok, P; Kyberd, P; Nebrensky, JJ; Palmer, M; Witte, H; Bross, AD; Bowring, D; Liu, A; Palladino, V; Neuffer, D; Popovic, M; Suezaki, V; Rubinov, P; DeMello, A; Gourlay, S; Li, D; Prestemon, S; Virostek, S; Freemire, B; Hanlet, P; Bari, AD; Kaplan, DM; Torun, Y; Mohayai, TA; Rajaram, D; Onel, Y; Cremaldi, LM; Sanders, DA; Summers, DJ; Cecchet, G; Hanson, GG; Heidt, C; Moss, A; Orestano, D; Tortora, L; Kuno, Y; Ishimoto, S; Filthaut, F; Jokovic, D; Maletic, D; Savic, M; Hansen, OM; Ramberger, S; Muir, A; Vretenar, M; Asfandiyarov, R; Blondel, A
2004MedLAN: Compact mobile computing system for wireless information access in emergency hospital wardsBanitsas, Konstantinos A
21-Aug-2018N-Step MPC for Systems With Persistent Bounded Disturbances Under SCPSong, Y; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Wei, G
17-Apr-2018Operating Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems Considering Flexible Reserve Provider in Demand SideJia, H; Ding, Y; Song, Y; Singh, C; Li, M
2006Review of primary frequency control requirements on the GB power system against a background of increasing renewable generationPearmine, Ross
2016Robust model predictive control under redundant channel transmission with applications in networked DC motor systemsSong, Y; Wang, Z; Ding, D; Wei, G
31-Jan-2023StrongSORT: Make DeepSORT Great AgainDu, Y; Zhao, Z; Song, Y; Zhao, Y; Su, F; Gong, T; Meng, H
2007Structural and functional characterization of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand binding domain by homology modeling and mutational analysisPandini, A; Denison, MS; Song, Y; Soshilov, AA; Bonati, L
2007Study on QoS support in 802.11e-based multi-hop vehicular wireless ad hoc networksNiu, Z; Yao, W; Ni, Q; Song, Y
2006Traffic agents for improving QoS in mixed infrastructure and ad hoc modes wireless LANYang, Y; Yuan, H; Chen, H; Yao, W; Song, Y
2006Two novel nonlinear companding schemes with iterative receiver to reduce PAPR in multi-carrier modulation systemsJiang, T; Yao, W; Guo, P; Song, Y; Qu, D
2006Using handheld pocket computers in a wireless telemedicine systemBanitsas, K; Tachakra, S; Tachakra, F; Song, Y; Solomon, H; Corrigan, R