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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A comparison of two-coloured filter systems for treating visual reading difficultiesHall, R; Ray, N; Harries, P; Stein, J
1-Dec-2019Development of a flexible dielectric sensor for flow monitoring of the liquid resin infusion processKazilas, M; Pouchias, A; Cunningham, P; Stein, J
2016Modelling and empirical development of an anti/de-icing approach for wind turbine blades through superposition of different types of vibrationHabibi, H; Edwards, G; Sannassy, C; Kappatos, V; Lage, Y; Stein, J; Selcuk, C; Gan, TH
1-Dec-2019Online flow monitoring system development for the resin transfer moulding processPouchias, A; Cunningham, PR; Stein, J; Kazilas, M
2015Using coloured filters to reduce the symptoms of visual stress in children with reading delayHarries, P; Hall, R; Ray, N; Stein, J