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Title: Online flow monitoring system development for the resin transfer moulding process
Authors: Pouchias, A
Cunningham, PR
Stein, J
Kazilas, M
Keywords: dielectric sensors;composite materials;RTM tooling;resin flow;online monitoring;finite elements method;electrostatics
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2019
Publisher: Applied Mechanics Laboratory
Citation: Pouchias, A., Cunningham, P.R., Stein, J. and Kazilas, M. (2018) 'Online flow monitoring system development for the resin transfer moulding process', in Proccedings of the 18th European Conference on Composite Materials (ECCM-18), Athens, Greece, 24-28 June 2018. Red Hook, NY, USA: Curran Associates, Inc., 2019. ISBN: 9781510896932.
Abstract: This work is the initial stage of the development of an online flow monitoring system for the resin impregnation phase of the Resin Transfer Moulding process. Online monitoring of the process is proposed to provide an estimation of the component’s state and to predict the defects, such as voids and dry spots. This paper analyses a dielectric sensor, which integrates to the process and measures the change in the impedance. The main contribution to the changes in the sensor response comes from the resin arrival on to the sensor during the impregnation phase. The proposed sensor consists of two parallel line electrodes embedded in an insulator. The design optimization is performed by analysing and modelling the geometry and the materials of the sensor. In addition, the developed monitoring system involves pressure transducers which measure the composite material state during the infusion phase. The pressure sensors operate as indicators of resin’s state and they are used for the process monitoring. This information will be used for the development of an algorithm for the resin frontal flow and enhance the insight of the flow defects mechanism.
ISBN: 9781510896932
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