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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2018'Because my brain isn't as active as it should be, my eyes don't always see' - a qualitative exploration of the stress process for those living with posterior cortical atrophyHarding, E; Sullivan, MP; Woodbridge, R; Yong, KXX; McIntyre, A; Gilhooly, ML; Gilhooly, KJ; Crutch, SJ
15-May-2015Dancing with loneliness in later life: A pilot study mapping seasonal variationsVictor, C; Sullivan, MP; Woodbridge, R; Thomas, M
Jan-2019Health and social care practitioners' understanding of the problems of people with dementia-related visual processing impairmentMcIntyre, A; Harding, E; Yong, KXX; Sullivan, MP; Gilhooly, M; Gilhooly, K; Woodbridge, R; Crutch, S
23-Sep-2021Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Loneliness and Social Isolation: A Multi-Country StudyO’Sullivan, R; Burns, A; Leavey, G; Leroi, I; Burholt, V; Lubben, J; Holt-Lunstad, J; Victor, C; Lawlor, B; Vilar-Compte, M; Perissinotto, CM; Tully, MA; Sullivan, MP; Rosato, M; McHugh Power, J; Tiilikainen, E; Prohaska, TR
2009The meaning of ethics and ethical dilemmas in social work practice: A qualitative study of Greek social workersGiannou, Dimitra
2016A meta-review of stress, coping and interventions in dementia and dementia caregivingGilhooly, KJ; Gilhooly, MLM; Sullivan, MP; McIntyre, A; Wilson, L; Harding, E; Woodbridge, R; Crutch, S
2013On the edge of a new frontier: Is gerontological social work in the UK ready to meet twenty-first-century challenges?Richards, S; Sullivan, MP; Tanner, D; Beech, C; Milne, A; Ray, M; Phillips, J; Lloyd, L
2007Shared geriatric mental health care in a rural communitySullivan, MP; Parenteau, P; Dolansky, D; Leon, S; Le Clair, JK
2009Social workers in community care practice: Ideologies and interactions with older peopleSullivan, MP
27-Mar-2020Strengths-based social work with older people: A UK perspectiveNelson-Becker, H; LLoyd, L; Milne, A; Perry, E; Ray, M; Richards, S; Sullivan, MP; Tanner, D; Willis, P