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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Activity testing model for automatic correction of hand pointingSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zhang, H; Wang, F
2014Automatic correction of hand pointing in stereoscopic depthSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zeng, J; Wang, F
2008A computer vision model for visual-object-based attention and eye movementsSun, Y; Fisher, R; Wang, F; Gomes, HM
2017Covert Verb Reading Contributes to Signal Classification of Motor Imagery in BCIZhang, H; Sun, Y; Li, J; Wang, F; Wang, Z
2013Electroencephalogram evidence for the activation of human mirror neuron system during the observation of intransitive shadow and line drawing actionsZhu, H; Sun, Y; Wang, F
2019Hierarchical Intermittent Motor Control with Deterministic Policy GradientShi, H; Sun, Y; Li, G; Wang, F; Wang, D; Li, J
7-Jun-2018Modeling oscillatory phase and phase synchronization with neuronal excitation and input strength in cortical networkWang, D; Sun, Y; Wang, F; Li, J
2015A natural hand gesture system for people with brachial plexus injuriesZeng, J; Wang, F; Sun, Y
2019The role of the precuneus and posterior cingulate cortex in the neural routes to actionWang, Z; Liu, F; Sun, Y; Li, J; Wang, F; Lu, Z
2008Self-organizing peer-to-peer social networksWang, F; Sun, Y
2006Structure of peer-to-peer social networksWang, F; Moreno, Y; Sun, Y
2005Synaptic connection autonomic networksWang, F; Ghanea-Hercock, R; Sun, Y
2007Synchronization in an array of linearly stochastically coupled networks with time delaysCao, J; Wang, Z; Sun, Y
2014Vision-based hand gesture interaction using particle filter, principle component analysis and transition networkWang, Z; Zhang, Z; Wang, F; Sun, Y