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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Advanced spreadsheet based methodology for the dynamic thermal modelling of buildingsDemetriou, Louis
2019Agricultural greenhouse CO2 utilization in anaerobic-digestion-based biomethane production plants: A techno-economic and environmental assessment and comparison with CO2 geological storageOreggioni, GD; Luberti, M; Tassou, SA
6-Jul-2020Air-steam gasification of poultry litter in a bubbling fluidised bed reactorPandey, DS; Katsaros, G; Tuomi, S; Tassou, SA
16-May-2020Airflow in Supermarkets and Similar Retail Stores: a rapid survey on infection transmissionAxon, CJ; Kolokotroni, M; Smith, ER; Tassou, SA; Tyacke, JC; Wissink, JG
2013Analysis and simulation of continuous food frying processesWu, H; Tassou, SA; Karayiannis, TG; Jouhara, H
18-Mar-2019Analysis of an R744 typical booster configuration, an R744 parallel-compressor booster configuration and an R717/R744 cascade refrigeration system for retail food applications. Part 1: Thermodynamic analysisAmaris, C; Tsamos, KM; Tassou, SA
2010Analysis of energy use in crisp frying processesWu, H; Jouhara, H; Tassou, SA; Karayiannis, TG
3-Jun-2021Analytical grid generation and numerical assessment of tip leakage flows in sliding vane rotary machinesYe, F; Bianchi, G; Rane, S; Tassou, SA; Deng, J
2015Approaches for modelling the energy flow in food chainsGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
19-Sep-2017CFD comparisons of open-type refrigerated display cabinets with/without air guiding stripsSun, J; Tsamos, KM; Tassou, SA
11-Dec-2017CFD modelling development and experimental validation of a phase change material (PCM) heat exchanger with spiral-wired tubesYoussef, W; Ge, YT; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019CFD modelling of finned-tube CO <inf>2</inf> gas cooler for refrigeration systemsZhang, X; Ge, Y; Sun, J; Li, L; Tassou, SA
11-Oct-2020Combustion of poultry litter and mixture of poultry litter with woodchips in a fixed bed lab-scale batch reactorKatsaros, G; Sommersacher, P; Retschitzegger, S; Kienzl, N; Tassou, SA; Pandey, DS
19-Sep-2017Comparative analysis on the energy use and environmental impact of different refrigeration systems for frozen food supermarket applicationMylona, Z; Kolokotroni, M; Tsamos, K; Tassou, SA
26-Sep-2018Comparative assessment of innovative and conventional food preservation technologies: Process energy performance and greenhouse gas emissionsAtuonwu, JC; Leadley, C; Bosman, A; Tassou, SA; Lopez-Quiroga, E; Fryer, PJ
2009Control optimisatlion of CO(2) cycles for medium temperature retail food refrigeration systemsGe, YT; Tassou, SA
2013Coupled TRNSYS-CFD simulations evaluating the performance of PCM plate heat exchangers in an Airport Terminal building displacement conditioning systemGowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Kolokotroni, M
2018Coupling night ventilative and active cooling to reduce energy use in supermarkets with high refrigeration loadsMylona, Z; Kolokotroni, M; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019Design criteria for coatings in next generation condensing economizersVourdas, N; Jouhara, H; Tassou, SA; Stathopoulos, VN
18-Feb-2019Design of a high-temperature heat to power conversion facility for testing supercritical CO2 equipment and packaged power unitsBianchi, G; Sayad Saravi, S; Loeb, R; Tsamos, KM; Marchionni, M; Leroux, A; Tassou, SA