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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2022Access to mathematics learning for lower secondary students in England during school closures: implications for equity and qualityTaylor, B; Hodgen, J; Jacques, L; Tereshchenko, A; Cockerill, M; Kwok, RKW
20-Sep-2022The achievement gap: The impact of between‐class attainment grouping on pupil attainment and educational equity over timeHodgen, J; Taylor, B; Francis, B; Craig, N; Bretscher, N; Tereshchenko, A; Connolly, P; Mazenod, A
14-Dec-2020Making progress? Employment and retention of BAME teachers in EnglandTereshchenko, A; Mills, M; Bradbury, A
1-May-2022Minoritised teachers’ experiences of multiple, intersectional racisms in the school system in England: ‘carrying the weight of racism’Bradbury, A; Tereshchenko, A; Mills, M
1-Dec-2014New migration, new challenges: Eastern European migrant pupils in English schoolsTereshchenko, A; Archer, L