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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2019Analysis of an R744 typical booster configuration, an R744 parallel-compressor booster configuration and an R717/R744 cascade refrigeration system for retail food applications. Part 1: Thermodynamic analysisAmaris, C; Tsamos, KM; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019Analysis of typical booster configuration, parallel-compressor booster configuration and R717/R744 cascade refrigeration system for food retail applications. Part 2: Energy performance in various climate conditions.Tsamos, KM; Amaris, C; Mylona, Z; Tassou, S
18-Feb-2019Design of a high-temperature heat to power conversion facility for testing supercritical CO2 equipment and packaged power unitsBianchi, G; Sayad Saravi, S; Loeb, R; Tsamos, KM; Marchionni, M; Leroux, A; Tassou, SA
18-Mar-2019Development of corn-oil ester and water mixture phase change materials for food refrigeration applicationsNyoman Suamir, I; Made Rasta, I; Sudirman; Tsamos, KM
18-Mar-2019Editorial to the Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Resource Use in Food Chains, ICSEF 2018, 17-19 October 2018, Paphos, CyprusTassou, SA; Torrens, D; Bianchi, G; Tsamos, KM
2017Energy analysis of alternative CO 2 refrigeration system configurations for retail food applications in moderate and warm climatesTsamos, KM; Ge, YT; Santosa, I; Tassou, SA; Bianchi, G; Mylona, Z
18-Mar-2019Energy savings potential in using cold-shelves innovation for multi-deck open front refrigerated cabinetsTsamos, KM; Mroue, H; Sun, J; Tassou, SA; Nicholls, N; Smith, G
18-Mar-2019Experimental and CFD investigation of overall heat transfer coefficient of finned tube CO <inf>2</inf> gas coolersSantosa, IMC; Tsamos, KM; Gowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA
29-Mar-2019Experimental Study on the Influences of Air Flow in an Integral Hydrocarbon Display Cabinet to its Temperature and Energy PerformancesSuamir, IN; Arsana, ME; Tsamos, KM
2017Investigations into air and refrigerant side heat transfer coefficients of finned-tube CO2 gas coolersSantosa, IMC; Gowreesunker, BL; Tassou, SA; Tsamos, KM; Ge, Y