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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983Backward difference replacements of the space derivative in first order hyperbolic equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
1983A family of difference schemes for fourth order parabolic partial differential equationsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1994Finite-difference solutions of tenth-order boundary-value problemsSiddiqui, Aijaz Ahmad
1986Global extrapolation procedures for special and general initial value problemsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1995Higher order parallel splitting methods for parabolic partial differential equationsTaj, Malik Shahadat Ali
1997Higher-order finite-difference methods for partial differential equationsCheema, Tasleem Akhter
1982Lo - stable methods for parabolic partial differential equationsKhaliq, AQM; Twizell, EH
1982Multiderivative methods for periodic initial value problemsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
1983Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations with applications to partial differential equationsKhaliq, Abdul Qayyum Masud
1999Numerical modelling of dynamical systems in isothermal chemical reactions and morphogenesisCinar, Zeynep Aysun
1998Numerical modelling of some systems in the biomedical sciencesAl-Showaikh, Faisal
1993Numerical modelling of tidal flows in the Arabian gulfBashir, Mohammad
1981One step multiderivative methods for first order ordinary differential equationsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM
2001Spatio-temporal numerical modelling of whooping cough dynamicsPiyawong, Wirawan
1981Stability regions for one-step multiderivative methodsTwizell, EH; Khaliq, AQM