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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Anxiety, anticipation, and contextual information: A test of attentional control theoryCocks, AJ; Jackson, RC; Bishop, DT; Williams, AM
14-May-2021Concern about falling is associated with segmental control when turning in older adultsCocks, A; Young, W; Ellmers, T; Jackson, R; Williams, AM
2015Contextual interference effect on perceptual-cognitive skills trainingBroadbent, DP; Causer, J; Ford, PR; Williams, AM
2014The coupling between gaze behavior and opponent kinematics during anticipation of badminton shotsAlder, D; Ford, PR; Causer, J; Williams, AM
2017Decision-making of English Netball Superleague Umpires: Contextual and Dispositional InfluencesBurnett, A; Bishop, D; Ashford, KJ; Williams, AM; Kinrade, N
4-Jul-2020The developmental and professional activities of female international soccer players from five high-performing nationsFord, PR; Hodges, NJ; Broadbent, D; O’Connor, D; Scott, D; Datson, N; Andersson, HA; Williams, AM
2017The effect of a sequential structure of practice for the training of perceptual-cognitive skills in tennisBroadbent, DP; Ford, PR; O'Hara, DA; Williams, AM; Causer, J
2015Examining links between anxiety, reinvestment and walking when talking by older adults during adaptive gaitYoung, WR; Olonilua, M; Masters, RSW; Dimitriadis, S; Williams, AM
2018Experts Integrate Explicit Contextual Priors and Environmental Information to Improve Anticipation EfficiencyGredin, NV; Bishop, DT; Broadbent, DP; Tucker, A; Williams, AM
2016Gazing into Thin Air: The Dual-Task Costs of Movement Planning and Execution during Adaptive GaitEllmers, TJ; Cocks, AJ; Doumas, M; Williams, AM; Young, W
2016How anxiety and incremental secondary task demands impact processing efficiency, visual search, and gait kinematics in older adultsCocks, AJ; Young, WR; Ellmers, TJ; Jackson, RC; Williams, AM
2015How fear of falling can increase fall-risk in older adults: Applying psychological theory to practical observationsYoung, WR; Williams, AM
2015Identifying the causal mechanisms of the quiet eyeGonzalez, CC; Causer, J; Miall, RC; Grey, MJ; Humphreys, G; Williams, AM
2012Identifying the mechanisms underpinning recognition of structured sequences of actionNorth, JS; Hope, ER; Williams, AM
2018The Impact of Contextual Priors and Anxiety on Performance Effectiveness and Processing Efficiency in AnticipationBroadbent, DP; Gredin, NV; Rye, JL; Williams, AM; Bishop, DT
15-Apr-2020The Impact of Task Load on the Integration of Explicit Contextual Priors and Visual Information during AnticipationGredin, NV; Broadbent, DP; Findon, JL; Williams, AM; Bishop, DT
2014The influence of expertise on brain activation of the action observation network during anticipation of tennis and volleyball servesBalser, N; Lorey, B; Pilgramm, S; Naumann, T; Kindermann, S; Stark, R; Zentgraf, K; Williams, AM; Munzert, J
15-Dec-2020Integrating explicit contextual priors and kinematic information during anticipationGredin, NV; Bishop, DT; Williams, AM; Broadbent, DP
1-Sep-2019Judgement utility modulates the use of explicit contextual priors and visual information during anticipationGredin, NV; Broadbent, DP; Williams, AM; Bishop, DT
2016Looking to Learn: The Effects of Visual Guidance on Observational Learning of the Golf SwingD'Innocenzo, G; Gonzalez, C; Williams, AM; Bishop, D