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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2022AgNP-AC Composite Fibers and its Adsorption and Antibacterial PropertiesLiu, D; Zhang, C; Wang, B; Quan, W; Xu, C
2017Challenges and opportunities of network virtualization over wireless mobile networksJiang, X; Muntean, G-M; Ghinea, G; Xu, C
17-Jan-2020Clustering, Growth and Inequality in ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K; Xu, C; Yang, X
26-Oct-2020Disruptive innovation and R&D ownership structuresGuo, D; Huang, H; Jiang, K; Xu, C
2011Electrospinning of poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) nanofibres encapsulated with Ag nanoparticles for skin wound healingXu, C; Xu, F; Wang, B; Lu, T
19-Jun-2022An Experimental Analysis to Determine the Load-Bearing Capacity of 3D Printed MetalsKogo, B; Xu, C; Wang, B; Chizari, M; Kashyzadeh, KR; Ghorbani, S
2015Experimental investigation of the properties of electrospun nanofibers for potential medical applicationWang, A; Xu, C; Zhang, C; Gan, Y; Wang, B
21-Apr-2021A framework to guide planetary health educationGuzmán, CAF; Aguirre, AA; Astle, B; Barros, E; Bayles, B; Chimbari, M; El-Abbadi, N; Evert, J; Hackett, F; Howard, C; Jennings, J; Krzyzek, A; LeClair, J; Maric, F; Martin, O; Osano, O; Patz, J; Potter, T; Redvers, N; Trienekens, N; Walpole, S; Wilson, L; Xu, C; Zylstra, M
7-Dec-2022Geographic clusters, regional productivity and resource reallocation across firms: Evidence from ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K; Xu, C; Yang, X
2016Green Communication for Mobile and Wireless NetworksJiang, X; Chao, HC; Muntean, GM; Ghinea, G; Xu, C
18-Sep-2021High Strain Rate Yielding of Additive Manufacturing Inconel 625 by Selective Laser MeltingDu, K; Yang, L; Xu, C; Wang, B; Gao, Y
2017Institutions and Managerial Task Allocation: Evidence from Chinese EntrepreneursGuo, D; Jiang, K; Xu, C
1-Nov-2023Investigation on the mechanical properties of composite fiber membranes with different concentration of EVOH/Ag/ACXu, C; Zhang, C; Liu, D; Meng, S; Wang, B
31-Oct-2016Minimal mean-square error for 3D MIMO beamforming weightingXu, C; Cosmas, JP; Zhang, Y
2014Political economy of private firms in ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K; Kim, B-Y; Xu, C
2011Reversion scheme for droplet parameters with rainbow refractometry based on Debye theorySong, F; Yao, Z; Xu, C; Wang, S; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
1-Dec-2019Simulation study on the formation of plga micro-structure using hot-pressing methodGao, Y; Xu, C; Yang, L; Wang, B
2018Study on the wear resistance of laser cladding iron-base alloy by heat treatmentGuo, W; Zhang, L; Xu, C; Chai, R; Gao, Z; Kogo, B; Chizari, M; Zhang, C; Wang, B
2018Temperature-controlled electrospinning of EVOH nanofibre mats encapsulated with Ag, CuO, and ZnO particles for skin wound dressingLiu, D; Zheng, C; Dong, G; Xu, C; Dianzi, L; Ruan, L; Zhong, B; Wang, B
2018Tensile properties of ag-EVOH electrospinning nanofiber mats for large muscle scaffoldsZhang, C; Liu, D; Xu, C; Liu, D; Wang, B