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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Artificial intelligence for optimisation and demand side response in built environmentMesa Jiménez, José Joaquín
2000Assessment of paint appearance quality in the automotive industryKang, Hai-zhuang
22-Nov-2016Average surface roughness evaluation using 3-source photometric stereo techniqueSomthong, T; Yang, Q
22-Sep-2021A Bayesian conformity and risk assessment adapted to a form error modelKoucha, Y; Forbes, A; Yang, Q
2022Bayesian inference and failure analysis for risk assessment in quality engineeringKoucha, Yacine
10-Jun-2021A Bayesian Risk Assessment of the Covid-19 Pandemic Using FMEA and a Modified SEIR Epidemic ModelKoucha, Y; Yang, Q
2015Calibration error analysis of inertially stabilized platforms using quaternions and octonions in rotation decompositionTang, Q; Wang, X; Yang, Q; Liu, F
21-Sep-2015Carbon savings in the UK demand side response programmesLau, ET; Yang, Q; Stokes, L; Taylor, GA; Forbes, AB; Clarkson, P; Wright, PS; Livina, VN
21-Dec-2018Complete steric exclusion of ions and proton transport through confined monolayer waterGopinadhan, K; Hu, S; Esfandiar, A; Lozada-Hidalgo, M; Wang, FC; Yang, Q; Tyurnina, AV; Keerthi, A; Radha, B; Geim, AK
18-Mar-2024Defect Detection Algorithm for Battery Cell Casings Based on Dual-Coordinate Attention and Small Object Loss FeedbackLi, T; Ren, J; Yang, Q; Chen, L; Sun, X
2017Design of control system using electric cylinder for automated measurement of bearing shell crush heightSun, C; Jiang, Y; Yang, Q
2012Design, implementation, and testing of advanced virtual coordinate-measuring machinesHu, Y; Yang, Q; Sun, X
2009Development of a novel virtual coordinate measuring machineHu, Y; Yang, Q; Wei, P
2017Development of a Scalable and Sustainable High Performance CounterCurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) Purification for Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D from SpinosadYang, Q; Bright, C; Edwards, NA; Harris, GH; Kaur, S; Wood, PL; Hewitson, P; Ignatova, S
28-Jul-2021Development of an Ontology-Based Semantic Building Post-Occupancy Evaluation FrameworkZhao, Y; Yang, Q
2012Development of novel design methodology for product mass customization based on human attributes and cognitive behavioursWang, Huanhuan
26-May-2021Early Warning Signals of Failures in Building Management SystemsMesa-Jimenez, J; Stokes, L; Yang, Q; Livina, VN
29-Nov-2023Efficient Autonomous Path Planning for Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing: A Graph Theory and K-Dimensional Tree Optimisation ApproachZhang, M; Sutcliffe, M; Nicholson, PI; Yang, Q
2016Error compensation and uncertainty evaluation of CMMs based on kinematic error models and gaussian processesSalacheep, Panadda
2015Evaluation of material surface profiling methods: contact versus non-contactJaturunruangsri, Supaporn