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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The acculturation impact on luxury consumption motivations: a case of Chinese young consumers living in the UKZhang, Yaqiong
31-Oct-2017Away From Home: How Young Chinese Consumers travel with Global Brands?Cappellini, B; Hosany, S; Yen, D; Yu, Q
2013Business School corporate brand identitiesSyed Alwi, SF; CheHa, N; Yen, D
2021Coping with Coping: international migrants’ experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UKYen, D; Cappellini, B; Yang, S; Gupta, S
2019Digital consumer culture and digital acculturationDey, BL; Yen, D; Samuel, L
2020Dimensions of Internal Communication for Organisation Engagement: The Role of Co-Worker TrustAl-Jaber, Mazen Ali
21-Jan-2020An empirical study of green supplier collaboration in the Chinese manufacturing sector: the double-edged sword effect of guanxiGeng, R; Mansouri, A; Aktas, E; Yen, D
2017Enhancing firm performance through internal market orientation and employee organizational commitmentYu, Q; Yen, D; Barnes, B; Huang, Y
2017Entrepreneurship and franchisee performanceAl-Zawawi, Alawiah Sami
26-Jan-2022An exploratory examination of the influence of national culture on cross national diffusion: A case study on the MENA regionAlMutairi, S; Yen, D
2016Exploring the interaction effects between country of manufacture and country of design within the context of the sportswear industry in ThailandThanajaro, Natinee
2017Film or film brand? Investigating consumers’ engagement with films as brandsKohli, Gurdeep Singh
4-Apr-2020Film or Film brands? UK consumers' engagement with films as brandsKohli, GS; Yen, D; Alwi, S; Gupta, S
2017Food Consumption When Travelling Abroad: Young Chinese Sojourners’ Food Consumption in the UKYen, D; Cappellini, B; Wang, C; Nugyen, B
28-Aug-2019From West to East: British Sojourners’ Acculturation in ChinaYu, Q; Yen, D; Cappellini, B; Wang, C
2017Guanxi GRX (Ganqing, Renqing, Xinren) and Conflict Management in Sino-US Business RelationshipsYen, D; Abosag, I; Huang, Y; Nguyen, B
6-Feb-2020Higher Education: a once-in-lifetime purchaseYang, H-P; Yen, D; Balmer, JMT
2012How consumers judge brands endorsed by corporations: a process-based explanationIbraheem, Khaled Assad
10-Mar-2016IMO and internal branding outcomes: an employee perspective in UK HEAsaad, Y; Yu, Q; Yen, D; Gupta, S