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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Apr-2019Acculturation in the social media: Myth or reality? Analysing social-media-led integration and polarisationYen, DA; Dey, B
2011Analyzing stage and duration of Anglo-Chinese business-to-business relationshipsYen, DA; Barnes, BR
9-Nov-2015Animosity within borders: The mediating roles of regional identification and perceived discrimination on regional media preferenceHuang, Y-A; Lin, C; Yen, DA
30-Apr-2019The contingent effect of social networking ties on Asian immigrant enterprises' innovationChung, HFL; Yen, DA; Wang, CL
25-May-2021Coping with Coping: international migrants’ experiences of the Covid-19 lockdown in the UKYen, DA; Cappellini, B; Yang, S; Gupta, S
22-Jan-2021Drivers of green cooperation between Chinese manufacturers and their customers: An empirical analysisYen, G; Yen, DA; Geng, R; Azar, G
19-Feb-2021#ILoveLondon: An exploration of the declaration of love towards a destination on InstagramFilieri, R; Yen, DA; Yu, Q
10-Mar-2016IMO and internal branding outcomes: an employee perspective in UK HEYu, Q; Asaad, Y; Yen, DA; Gupta, S
24-Aug-2020Impact of CRM strategy on relationship commitment and new product development: mediating effects of learning from failureChen, J; Foroudi, P; Yu, X; Chen, C-HS; Yen, DA
2017The Internet of total corporate communications, quaternary corporate communications and the corporate marketing Internet revolutionBalmer, JMT; Yen, DA
2013Little emperors in the UK: Acculturation and food over timeCappellini, B; Yen, DA
2011The measurement of guanxi: Introducing the GRX scaleYen, DA; Barnes, BR; Wang, CL
14-Nov-2021Power negotiation on the tango dancefloor: The adoption of AI in B2B marketingKeegan, BJ; Canhoto, AI; Yen, DA
8-Mar-2022Primary School Children’s Responses to Food waste at SchoolYen, DA; Cappellini, B; Dovey, T
9-Dec-2020Rethinking guanxi and performance: Understanding the dark side of Sino–U.S. business relationshipsAbosag, I; Yen, DA; Barnes, BR; Gadalla, E
27-Apr-2021Thanks for the memories: Exploring city tourism experiences via social media reviewsYu, Q; Pickering, S; Geng, R; Yen, DA
10-Jun-2022Understanding older people's practices when designing healthy ageing interventionsYen, DA; Cohen, G; Wei, L; Asaad, Y
2016What is dark about the dark-side of business relationships?Abosag, I; Yen, DA; Barnes, BR