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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20083D inference and modelling for video retrievalZhou, H; Sadka, A H; Jiang, M
24-Jun-2021Achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals through financial inclusion: A systematic literature review of access to finance across the globeKara, A; Zhou, H; Zhou, Y
2014Adaptive fusion of particle filtering and spatio-temporal motion energy for human trackingZhou, H; Fei, M; Sadka, A; Zhang, Y; Li, X
2008Automatic human face detection for content-based image annotationJiang, M; Sadka, A H; Zhou, H
25-Jan-2022Cost-sensitive Boosting Pruning Trees for depression detection on TwitterTong, L; Liu, Z; Jiang, Z; Zhou, F; Chen, L; Lyu, J; Zhang, X; Zhang, Q; Sadka, A; Wang, Y; Li, L; Zhou, H
13-Mar-2023Development of linear-element boundary element method for inverse solution from induced far-field displacements to reservoir loading sourceZhao, Y; Li, H; Liang, Z; Zhou, H; Gong, B
2008Feature extraction for speech and music discriminationZhou, H; Sadka, A H; Jiang, M
23-Nov-2022A Mutual Information Theory-Based Approach for Assessing Uncertainties in Deterministic Multi-Category Precipitation ForecastsNing, Y; Liang, G; Ding, W; Shi, X; Fan, Y; Chang, J; Wang, Y; He, B; Zhou, H
2008Speech enhancement in noisy environments for video retrievalZhou, H; Sadka, A H; Jiang, M