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Title: 3D inference and modelling for video retrieval
Authors: Zhou, H
Sadka, A H
Jiang, M
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Ninth International Workshop on Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services. Klagenfurt, Austria. May 7-9, 2008.
Abstract: A new scheme is proposed for extracting planar surfaces from 2D image sequences. We firstly perform feature correspondence over two neighboring frames, followed by the estimation of disparity and depth maps, provided a calibrated camera. We then apply iterative Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC) plane fitting to the generated 3D points to find a dominant plane in a maximum likelihood estimation style. Object points on or off this dominant plane are determined by measuring their Euclidean distance to the plane. Experimental work shows that the proposed scheme leads to better plane fitting results than the classical RANSAC method.
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