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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Are the effects of internal focus instructions different from external focus instructions given during balance training in stroke patients? A double-blind randomized controlled trialKal, E; Houdijk, H; van der Kamp, J; Verhoef, M; Prosée, R; Groet, E; Winters, M; van Bennekom, C; Scherder, E
2017Comparing the effects of conscious monitoring and conscious control on motor performancevan Ginneken, WF; Poolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Capio, CM; Kal, EC; van der Kamp, J
2016Focus of Attention in Children's Motor Learning: Examining the Role of Age and Working MemoryBrocken, JEA; Kal, EC; van der Kamp, J
2017How physical therapists instruct patients with stroke: an observational study on attentional focus during gait rehabilitation after strokeKal, E; van den Brink, H; Houdijk, H; van der Kamp, J; Goossens, PH; van Bennekom, C; Scherder, E
29-Sep-2018Validation of the stabilometer balance test: Bridging the gap between clinical and research based balance control assessments for stroke patientsBrouwer, R; Kal, E; van der Kamp, J; Houdijk, H
31-Jul-2020Visuomotor control of walking in Parkinson’s disease: Exploring possible links between conscious movement processing and freezing of gaitHardeman, LES; Kal, EC; Young, WR; van der Kamp, J; Ellmers, TJ