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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017A Novel Pair-wise Relative Energy Function for Transient Stability Analysis and Real-time Emergency ControlTaylor, G
2016Novel particle swarm optimization algorithms with applications in power systemsRahman, Izaz Ur
Sep-2018A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Patient Clustering from Emergency DepartmentsLiu, W; Wang, Z; Liu, X; Zeng, N; Bell, D
2015Novel performance evaluation of information and communication technologies to enable wide area monitoring systems for enhanced transmission network operationGolshani, Mohammad
2014A novel policy making proposition for EV charging infrastructure management at HEI'sBhavanam, YR; Berresford, P; Taylor, G; Langsman, J
2013Novel processes for smart grid information exchange and knowledge representation using the IEC common information modelHargreaves, Nigel
2008A novel Q-limit guided continuation power flow method for voltage stability analysisZhu, Pengcheng
2013A novel rate-dependent cohesive-zone model combining damage and visco-elasticityMusto, M; Alfano, G
2017Novel regression models for discrete responsePeluso, Alina
2017Novel regularization models for dynamic and discrete response dataHamed, Haseli Mashhadi
2004Novel regulation of mitotic exit by the Cdc42 effectors Gic1 and Gic2Höfken, T; Schiebel, E
2004Novel regulation of mitotic exit by the Cdc42 effectors Gic1 and Gic2Höfken, T; Schiebel, E
14-Feb-2018A novel reinforcement learning algorithm for virtual network embeddingYao, H; Chen, X; Li, M; Zhang, P; Wang, L
2005A novel representation of energy and signal transformation in measurement systemsYang, QP
2012Novel retrofit technologies incorporating silica aerogel for lower energy buildingsDowson, Mark
2017A Novel RF Excited Plasma Cathode Electron Beam Gun DesignRibton, CN; Smith, DR
2014The novel role of the neuropeptides Orexin and QRFP and their involvement in Alzheimer's diseaseDavies, Julie
2001Novel seven coordination geometry of Sn(IV): Crystal structures of phthalocyaninato bis(undecylcarboxylato)Sn(IV), its Si(IV) analogue, and phthalocyaninato bis(chloro)silicon(IV). The electrochemistry of the Si(IV) analogue and related compoundsSilver, J; Frampton, CS; Fern, GR; Davies, DA; Miller, JR; Sosa-Sanchez, JL
2007Novel sparse OBC based distributed arithmetic architecture for matrix transformsChandrasekaran, S; Amira, A
2009A novel splice variant of the DNA-PKcs gene is associated with clinical and cellular radiosensitvity in a xeroderma pigmentosum patientAbbaszadeh, F; Clingen, PH; Arlett, CF; Plowman, PN; Bourton, EC; Themis, M; Makarov, EM; Newbold, RF; Green, MHL; Parris, CN