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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Power factor and your electrical utility bill in EgyptAziz, MMA; El-Zahab, EE; Zobaa, AF
2006A power law distribution in patients' lengths of stay in hospitalHellervik, A; Rodgers, GJ
2011Power line network automation over IPTrichakis, Dimosthenis
2015Power loss investigation in HVDC for cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverters (CHB-MLI)Alamri, B; Darwish, M
2016Power Management in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)Kamsuvan, Thanisara
2007Power modeling and efficient FPGA implementation of FHT for signal processingAmira, A; Chandrasekaran, S
2016The power of the Monstrous: An introduction to the special issueDel Lucchese, F; Williams, CA
2014Power optimization for a hydrocarbon industrial plant using a genetic algorithmAl-Hajri, MT; Abido, MA; Darwish, MK
2011Power prior elicitation in Bayesian quantile regressionAlhamzawi, R; Yu, K
2013Power quality issuesEditor: Zobaa, AF
2015Power quality issues of 3MW direct-driven PMSG wind turbineAhmed, IA; Zobaa, AF; Taylor, GA
2013Power quality programme awareness: Framework for developing countriesSultan, Saad Saleh
2011Power quality: Monitoring, analysis and enhancementEditor: Zobaa, AF; Editor: Canteli, MM; Editor: Bansal, R
2016Power relative to body mass best predicts change in core temperature during exercise-heat stressGibson, OR; Willmott, AGB; James, C; Hayes, M; Maxwell, NS
2017Power system transmission line fault diagnosis based on combined data analyticsWu, H; Liu, J; Liu, Y; Qiu, G; Taylor, GA
1996Power systems generation scheduling and optimisation using evolutionary computation techniquesOrero, Shadrack Otieno
2000Power transmission planning using heuristic optimisation techniques: Deterministic crowding genetic algorithms and Ant colony search methodsChebbo, Hind Munzer
2011Power, emotions and embodied knowledges: doing PAR with poor young people in El SalvadorVan Wijnendaele, Barbara
2011Power-Conferring Treaties: The Meaning of 'Investment' in the ICSID ConventionCole, T; Vaksha, AK
2008Power-law deformation of wishart-laguerre ensembles of random matricesAkemann, G; Vivo, P