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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Channel assignment and routing in cooperative and competitive wireless mesh networksShah, Ibrar Ali
2013The chaotic nature of healthcare information systems: The need for transdisciplinary collaborationEzz, I; Paul, R
2011Characterisation and expression of β1-, β2- and β3-adrenergic receptors in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas)Giltrow, E; Eccles, PD; Hutchinson, TH; Sumpter, JP; Rand-Weaver, M
2017Characterisation and processing of carbon-based reinforced Al-MMCs for thermal management applications”Torres Miranda, Alberto
2017Characterisation of a novel interaction between Influenza A Virus protein M2 and human PP4R3α/SMEK1 proteinHansrod, Yasmin Nicole
1997The characterisation of alginate systems for biomedical applicationsSartori, Celine
2014Characterisation of an RF excited argon plasma cathode electron beam gundel Pozo, S; Ribton, C; Smith, DR
2013Characterisation of ATP-dependent Mur Ligases involved in the biogenesis of cell wall Peptidoglycan in Mycobacterium tuberculosisMunshi, T; Gupta, A; Evangelopoulos, D; Guzman, JD; Keep, NH; Bhakta, S; Gibbons, S
2009Characterisation of collagen-derived biomaterialsde Castro Bras, Lisandra
2015Characterisation of Elastic and Acoustic Properties of an Agar-Based Tissue Mimicking MaterialBrewin, MP; Birch, MJ; Mehta, DJ; Reeves, JW; Shaw, S; Kruse, C; Whiteman, JR; Hu, S; Kenz, ZR; Banks, HT; Greenwald, SE
2015Characterisation of electrohydrodynamic fluid accelerators comprising highly asymmetric high voltage electrode geometriesFylladitakis, Emmanouil D
2002Characterisation of FAD-family folds using a machine learning approachTan, A C; Gilbert, D; Tuson, A
2016Characterisation of fractions from andrographis paniculata and silybum marianum plant extracts that protect human cells against DNA damage.Badhe, Pravin
1999Characterisation of groundwater in mainly old and closed landfill sitesGajree, Meenu
2017Characterisation of irradiated thin silicon sensors for the CMS phase II pixel upgradeAdam, W; Bergauer, T; Brondolin, E; Dragicevic, M; Friedl, M; Frühwirth, R; Hoch, M; Hrubec, J; König, A; Steininger, H; Waltenberger, W; Alderweireldt, S; Beaumont, W; Janssen, X; Lauwers, J; Van Mechelen, P; Van Remortel, N; Van Spilbeeck, A; Beghin, D; Brun, H; Clerbaux, B; Delannoy, H; De Lentdecker, G; Fasanella, G; Favart, L; Goldouzian, R; Grebenyuk, A; Karapostoli, G; Lenzi, T; Léonard, A; Luetic, J; Postiau, N; Seva, T; Vanlaer, P; Vannerom, D; Wang, Q; Zhang, F; Zeid, SA; Blekman, F; De Bruyn, I; De Clercq, J; D Hondt, J; Deroover, K; Lowette, S; Moortgat, S; Moreels, L; Python, Q; Skovpen, K; Van Mulders, P; Van Parijs, I; Bakhshiansohi, H; Bondu, O; Brochet, S; Bruno, G; Caudron, A; Delaere, C; Delcourt, M; De Visscher, S; Francois, B; Giammanco, A; Jafari, A; Komm, M; Krintiras, G; Lemaitre, V; Magitteri, A; Mertens, A; Michotte, D; Musich, M; Piotrzkowski, K; Quertenmont, L; Szilasi, N; Marono, MV; Wertz, S; Beliy, N; Caebergs, T; Daubie, E; Hammad, GH; Härkönen, J; Lampén, T; Luukka, P; Peltola, T; Tuominen, E; Tuovinen, E; Eerola, P; Tuuva, T; Baulieu, G; Boudoul, G; Caponetto, L; Combaret, C; Contardo, D; Dupasquier, T; Gallbit, G; Lumb, N; Mirabito, L; Perries, S; Vander Donckt, M; Viret, S; Agram, JL; Andrea, J; Bloch, D
1998The characterisation of Manganese (IV) compounds and the study of the thermal decomposition of Potassium Chlorate alone and with Mn(IV) and other oxides and saltsGoldblatt, Nicholas Zalmon
2007Characterisation of Plasmodium falciparum macrophage migration inhibitory factor homologueCordery, D; Kishore, U; Kyes, S; Shafi, MJ; Watkins, KR; Williams, TN; Marsh, K; Urban, BC
2005Characterisation of real GPRS traffic with analytical toolsLu, Z; Yang, Y; Song, Y H; Owens, T
2016Characterisation of structured surfaces and assessment of associated measurement uncertaintyMacAulay, Gavin
2007Characterisation of the lithographic printing of conducting filmsRamsey, BJ; Harrison, DJ; Southee, DJ