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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Superconducting properties of Gd-Ba-Cu-O single grains processed from a new, Ba-rich precursor compoundShi, Y; Babu, NH; Iida, K; Cardwell, DA
1992Superconducting re-entrant cavity transducer for a resonant bar gravitational radiation antennaLinthorne, NP; Blair, DG
2000Superconvergence and error estimation of finite element solutions to fire-exposed frame problemsKirby, James Alexander
1980Superconvergence properties of quintic interpolatroy splinesBehforooz, GH; Papamichael, N
2011Superior facial expression, but not identity recognition, in mirror-touch synesthesiaBanissy, MJ; Garrido, L; Kusnir, F; Duchaine, B; Walsh, V; Ward, J
18-Mar-2019Supermarket energy use in the UKKolokotroni, M; Mylona, Z; Evans, J; Foster, A; Liddiard, R
2018Superpixel-based Fast Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Color Image SegmentationLei, T; Jia, X; Zhang, Y; Liu, S; Meng, H; Nandi, A
2009Superstatistical generalisations of Wishart-Laguerre ensembles of random matricesAbul-Magd, AY; Akemann, G; Vivo, P
2013A "superstorm": When moral panic and new risk discourses converge in the mediaHowarth, A
2016Supervising role emerging placements: a CPD opportunity that supports innovation in practiceMcKay, EA; Warren, A; Dancza, K; Taylor, A; Moran, M; Copley, J; Rodger, S
2014Supervisory Power System Stability Control using Neuro-fuzzy system and particle swarm optimization algorithmSallama, A; Abbod, M; Taylor, G
2013Supplier selection in the Malaysian telecommunications industryAbdul Rahim, Suzari
2009A supplier selection strategy within the Malaysian telecommunications industrySharif, A M; Abdul-Rahim, S; Gallear, D; Irani, Z
1997Supply chain control: Trade-offs and system requirementsLeach, NP; Makatsoris, C; Richards, HD
2012Supply chain implications of sustainable design strategies for electronics productsDe Coster, R; Bateman, RJ; Plant, AVC
2016Supply chain in a circular economy: a multidimensional research agendaDora, M; Manjot Singh Bhatia; Gallear, D
2006Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Development: Perspective from the Greater Pearl River Delta (China)Tsoi, Joyce
2019SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT OF BIOMASS FOR ENERGY GENERATION: A CRITICAL ANALYSIS OF MAIN TRENDSSilva Martins, LO; Fortuna Carneiro, RA; Mendonça Freires, FG; Andrade Torres, E; Santana Silva, M; Matos Fernandes, F; Iacovidou, E
1-Apr-2019Supply chain management of biomass for energy generation: a critical analysis of main trendsSilva Martins, LO; Fortuna Carneiro, RA; Andrade Torres, E; Santana Silva, M; Iacovidou, E; Matos Fernades, F; Gaudêncio Mendonça, F
2011Supply chain network design under uncertainty and riskHollmann, Dominik