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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The 35S U5 snRNP is generated from the activated spliceosome during In vitro splicingMakarov, E; Makarova, O
201836th International Conference on Biomechanics in SportsLinthorne, NP
20183D characterisation of the Fe-rich intermetallic phases in recycled Al alloys by synchrotron X-ray microtomography and skeletonisationZhao, Y; Du, W; Koe, B; Connolley, T; Irvine, S; Allan, PK; SchlepĆ¼tz, CM; Zhang, W; Wang, F; Eskin, DG; Mi, J
20193d coprime arrays in sparse sensingLi, C; Gan, L; Ling, C
20163D Depth Measurement for Holoscopic 3D Imaging SystemAlazawi, E; Swash, MR; Abbod, M
20173D freeform surface measurement on coordinate measuring machine using photometric stereo methodSomthong, Thammarat
20063D freeform surfaces from planar sketches using neural networksKhan, U; Terchi, A; Lim, S; Wright, D; Qin, S F
20183D Holoscopic Imaging for Cultural Heritage DigitalisationSadka, AH; Alfaqheri, T; Nasri, S
20083D inference and modelling for video retrievalZhou, H; Sadka, A H; Jiang, M
20103D medical volume segmentation using hybrid multiresolution statistical approachesAlzubi, S; Amira, A
20113D modelling of angiogenesis and vascular tumour growthPerfahl, H; Byrne, HM; Chen, T; Estrella, V; Alarcon, T; Lapin, A; Gatenby, RA; Gillies, RJ; Lloyd, MC; Maini, PK; Reuss, M; Owen, MR; 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2011)
20113D multiple description coding for error resilience over wireless networksUmar, Abubakar
20113D multiresolution statistical approaches for accelerated medical image and volume segmentationAlzubi, S
20133D packing of balls in different containers by VNSAlkandari, Abdulaziz
20113D pain drawings and seating pressure maps: Relationships and challengesSpyridonis, F; Ghinea, G
20173D printing of highly flexible supercapacitor designed for wearable energy storageXu, Y; Harrison, D; Fyson, J; Areir, M
20183D Printing Set to Transform the Construction IndustryGhaffar, SH
20093D product authenticity model for online retail: An invariance analysisAlgharabat, R; Dennis, C
20143D seepage under hydraulic structures provided with intermediate filtersAhmed, AA; McLaughlin, S; Johnston, A
1992The 3D version of the finite element program FESTERQu, R; Reed, M B