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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Culture and international law: Universalism v. relativismMushkat, R
2008Culture and IS: A criticism of predefined cultural archetypes studiesAli, M; Brooks, L; Alshawi, S
2008Culture and IS: National cultural dimensions within IS disciplineAli, M; Brooks, L
2007Culture and the human rights of women in Africa: Between light and shadowSsenyonjo, M
2017The culture of ‘the Culture’: utopian processes in Iain M. Banks’s space opera seriesNorman, Joseph S
2010Culture or social interaction? A study of influential factors on weblog designAli, M; Lee, H
2011Culture, demography and individuals' technology acceptance behaviour: A PLS based structural evaluation of an extended model of technology acceptance in South-Asian country contextAbbasi, Muhammad Shariif
2009Curing the blood and balancing life: Understanding, impact and health seeking behaviour following stroke in Central Aceh, IndonesiaNorris, Meriel
2007Current developments at the international criminal tribunalsBadar, ME; Karsten, N
2009Current developments at the international criminal tribunals (2008)Badar, ME; Karsten, N
2013Current emotion research in anthropology: Reporting the fieldBeatty, A
28-Aug-2018Current EU research activities on combined exposure to multiple chemicalsBopp, SK; Barouki, R; Brack, W; Dalla Costa, S; Dorne, JLCM; Drakvik, PE; Faust, M; Karjalainen, TK; Kephalopoulos, S; van Klaveren, J; Kolossa-Gehring, M; Kortenkamp, A; Lebret, E; Lettieri, T; Nørager, S; Rüegg, J; Tarazona, JV; Trier, X; van de Water, B; van Gils, J; Bergman, Å
2009Current limiting and negative differential resistance in indium oxide based ceramicsGlot, AB; Mazurik, SV; Jones, BJ; Bondarchuk, AN; Bulpett, R; Verma, N
2017Current practice in the rehabilitation of complex regional pain syndrome: A survey of practitionersMiller, C; Williams, M; Heine, P; O'Connell, NE; Williamson, E
2013Current practices of Saudi corporate governance: A case for reformAl Kahtani, Faleh Salem B
2005The current state of E-commerce in Jordan: Applicability and future prospectsAl-Debei, MM; Shannak, RO
2009Current state of e-services in Saudi Arabia: the case of intermediaries in facilitating government services in Madinah cityAl-Sobhi, F; Kamal, M; Weerakkody, V
2012Current use and potential value of cost-effectiveness analysis in U.S. health care: The case of medicare national coverage determinationsChambers, James
2016Current-source-based low frequency inverter topologyMoghadam, Mansour Salehi
2018The Curse of Tourism?Ghalia, T; Fidrmuc, J