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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Development of an integrated paper-based molecular diagnostic platformBalachandran, W; Branavan, Manoharanehru
2016Development of an integrated sustainable design approach for furniture design and its implementation and application perspectivesCheng, K; Bateman, R; Seyajah, Norhisham
2015Development of an internal air cooling sprayed oil injection technique for the energy saving in sliding vane rotary compressors through theoretical and experimental methodologiesBianchi, G; Cipollone, R; Murgia, S; Contaldi, G
2016The development of an occupation-focussed self management programme for students in higher educationMcKay, EA; Lewis, K; Nolan, C
2015Development of an organic Rankine cycle system for exhaust energy recovery in internal combustion enginesBianchi, G; Gualtieri, A; Di Battista, D; Mauriello, M; Fatigati, F
2010Development of an undergraduate multidisciplinary engineering projectSmith, D; Cole, JE
2008Development of CMOS active pixel sensorsHolland, AD; Castelli, C; Greig, Thomas Alexander
1994Development of dense scintillating hard fluoride glasses for the electromagnetic caorimeter of the proposed compact muon solenoidHobson, PR; Price, Timothy James
2016Development of facture free clay-based aerogel: Formulation and architectural mechanismsFan, M; Huang, P
2016Development of generic grain refiner alloys for cast and wrought Al-alloys containing silicon and zirconiumWrobel, L; Shaw, S; Djan, Edward Kwafo
1992Development of generic testing strategies for mixed-signal integrated circuitsPritchard, TI; Evans, PSA; Taylor, D
2014Development of high strength Al-Mg2Si-Mg based alloy for high pressure diecasting processJi, S; Yan, Feng
2016Development of high temperature, radiation hard detectors based on diamondMetcalfe, A; Fern, GR; Hobson, PR; Ireland, T; Salimian, A, et al
2018Development of Hydrophobic Concrete by Adding Dual-Crystalline Admixture at Mixing StageRahman, M; Al-kheetan, M; Chamberlain, D
2014Development of interconnected silicon micro-evaporators for the on-detector electronics cooling of the future ITS detector in the ALICE experiment at LHCFrancescon, A; Romagnoli, G; Mapelli, A; Petagna, P; Gargiulo, C, et al
2002The development of internationalisation policy in UK higher educationKogan, M; Healy, Caroline Kathleen
2009The development of knowledge for teaching physical education in secondary schools over the course of a PGCE yearCapel, S; Hayes, S; Katene, W; Velija, P
2004The development of life-cycle and risk assessment methodology using data from AWE AldermastonGrimes, SM; Donaldson, JD; Manners, Timothy Kevin
2018Development of Lightweight Strain Hardening Cementitious Composite for Structural Retrofit and Energy Efficiency Improvement of Unreinforced Masonry HousingsWan, K; Zhu, HG; Satekenova, E; Zhang, DC; Leung, CK, et al
2017Development of low drying shrinkage foamed concrete and hygro-mechanical finite element model for prefabricated building fasc╠žade applicationsZhu, ZH; Yuen, T; Leung, C; Kuang, JS; Hu, CL, et al