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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electroencephalography (EEG) profile and sense of body ownership: a study of signal processing, proprioception and tactile illusionShahriari, Sheyda
1974Electroforming and electron emission in metal-borosilicate glass-metal structuresZadeh Taheri, Ebrahim Hossein
2014Electrohydrodynamically induced pumping and mixing of multifluid systems in microchannelsCimpeanu, R; Papageorgiou, DT; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2008Electroluminescent light sources via soft lithographyYoung, RJH; Evans, PSA; Hay, GI; Southee, DJ; Harrison, DJ
2015Electroluminescent organic and quantum Dot LEDs: The state of the artKathirgamanathan, P; Bushby, LM; Kumaraverl, M; Ravichandran, S; Surendrakumar, S
2014Electromagnetic Actuated stirring in Microbioreactors enabling easier multiplexing & flexible device designDavies, MJ; Munro, I; Tan, CKL; Tracey, MC; Szita, N; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2016Electromagnetic radiation and Radon-222 gas emissions as precursors of seismic activityPetraki, Ermioni
2016Electron beam diagnosis for weld quality assuranceKaur, Aman P
2000Electron beam stimulated formation of CdS nanoparticles within calixarene Langmuir-Blodgett filmsNabok, AV; Ray, AK; Hassan, AK
2005Electron paramagnetic resonance evaluation of defects at the (100)Si/Al2O3 interfaceJones, BJ; Barklie, RC
2015Electron-muon ranger: performance in the MICE muon beamAdams, D; Alekou, A; Apollonio, M; Asfandiyarov, R; Barber, G; Barclay, P; de Bari, A; Bayes, R; Bayliss, V; Bene, P; Bertoni, R; Oates, A; Onel, Y; Orestano, D; Overton, E; Owens, P; Palladino, V; Pasternak, J; Pastore, F; Pidcott, C; Popovic, M; Blackmore, VJ; Preece, R; Prestemon, S; Rajaram, D; Ramberger, S; Rayner, MA; Ricciardi, S; Roberts, TJ; Robinson, M; Rogers, C; Ronald, K; Blondel, A; Rothenfusser, K; Rubinov, P; Rucinski, P; Sakamato, H; Sanders, DA; Sandstrom, R; Santos, E; Savidge, T; Smith, PJ; Snopok, P; Blot, S; Soler, FJP; Speirs, D; Stanley, T; Stokes, G; Summers, DJ; Tarrant, J; Taylor, I; Tortora, L; Torun, Y; Tsenov, R; Bogomilov, M; Tunnell, CD; Uchida, MA; Vankova-Kirilova, G; Virostek, S; Vretenar, M; Warburton, P; Watson, S; White, C; Whyte, CG; Wilson, A; Bonesini, M; Wisting, H; Yang, X; Young, A; Zisman, M; Booth, CN; Bowring, D; Boyd, S; Bradshaw, TW; Bravar, U; Bross, AD; Cadoux, F; Capponi, M; Carlisle, T; Cecchet, G; Charnley, C; Chignoli, F; Cline, D; Cobb, JH; Colling, G; Collomb, N; Coney, L; Cooke, P; Courthold, M; Cremaldi, LM; Debieux, S; DeMello, A; Dick, A; Dobbs, A; Dornan, P; Drielsma, F; Filthaut, F; Fitzpatrick, T; Franchini, P; Francis, V; Fry, L; Gallagher, A; Gamet, R; Gardener, R; Gourlay, S; Grant, A; Graulich, JS; Greis, J; Griffiths, S; Hanlet, P; Hansen, OM; Hanson, GG; Hart, TL; Hartnett, T; Hayler, T; Heidt, C; Hills, M; Hodgson, P; Hunt, C; Husi, C; Iaciofano, A; Ishimoto, S; Kafka, G; Kaplan, DM; Karadzhov, Y; Kim, YK; Kuno, Y; Kyberd, P; Lagrange, J-B; Langlands, J; Lau, W; Leonova, M; Li, D; Lintern, A; Littlefield, M; Long, K; Luo, T; Macwaters, C; Martlew, B; Martyniak, J; Masciocchi, F; Mazza, R; Middleton, S; Moretti, A; Moss, A; Muir, A; Mullacrane, I; Nebrensky, JJ; Neuffer, D; Nichols, A; Nicholson, R; Nicola, L; Messomo, EN; Nugent, JC
2012Electronic commerce logistics in developing countries: The case of online grocery shopping in JordanAl-Nawayseh, Mohammad
2015An electronic financial system adviser for investors: the case of Saudi ArabiaAldaarmi, Abdulaziz Adel Abdulaziz
2013Electronic information sharing in local government authorities: Factors influencing the decision-making processBigdeli, AZ; Kamal, MM; de Cesare, S
2011Electronic Payment Systems Development in a Developing Country: The Role of Institutional ArrangementsBriggs, A; Brooks, LS
2009Electronic properties of SnO2-based ceramics with double function of varistor and humidity sensorGlot, AB; Sandoval-GarcĂ­a, AP; Gaponov, AV; Bulpett, R; Jones, BJ; Jimenez-Santana, G
2013Electronic system modelling of UT pulser-receiver and the electron beam welding power sourceParthipan, Thayaparan
2007Electronic transformation of government in the U.K.: a research agendaIrani, Z; Elliman, T; Jackson, P
2015Electronic word of mouth in social media: The common characteristics of retweeted and favourited marketer-generated content posted on TwitterAlboqami, H; Al-Karaghouli, W; Baeshen, Y; Erkan, I; Evans, C; Ghoneim, A
1998Electrooptic electric field sensor for dc and extra-low-frequency measurementBordovsky, Michael