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Title: Computational investigation into the influence of yaw on the aerodynamics of an isolated wheel in free air
Authors: Kothalawala, TD
Gatto, A
Keywords: wheel aerodynamics;landing gear;yawed bluff body aerodynamics;CFD
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2016
Citation: International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering, 2016, 13 (4), pp. 333 - 333
Abstract: This paper details a computational investigation into the influence of yaw angle on the near and far-field aerodynamics of an isolated wheel in free air. Unsteady Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes was used as the primary analysis tool to analyse the complex flow features around this configuration, with principal vortical positions and magnitudes, overall lift, drag, and side force coefficients, as well as on-surface pressures characterised within the work presented. Fundamentally, the flow was found to be highly vortical in nature, particularly within the wake region of the wheel, with changes in yaw shown to have a significant impact on the surface flow, wake structure, and calculated force coefficients.
ISSN: 1742-7193
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