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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A general software defect-proneness prediction frameworkSong, Q; Jia, Z; Shepperd, M; Ying, S; Liu, J
1998A general theory of action languagesLetichevsky, AA; Gilbert, D
2012General theory of geometric Lévy models for dynamic asset pricingBrody, DC; Hughston, LP; Mackie, E
2007A Generalisation of Dyson's Integration Theorem for DeterminantsAkemann, G; Shifrin, L
2017A Generalisation of the hill's quadratic yield function for planar plastic anisotropy to consider loading directionAdetoro, OB
2014Generalised risk-sensitive control with full and partial state observationDate, P; Gashi, B
2008A generalized approach to construct benchmark problems for dynamic optimizationLi, C; Yang, S
2006Generalized disjunction decomposition for evolvable hardwareStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C
2006Generalized disjunction decomposition for the evolution of programmable logic array structuresStomeo, E; Kalganova, T; Lambert, C
2009Generalized effects of video modeling on establishing instructional stimulus control in children with autism: Results of a preliminary studyNikopoulos, CK; Canavan, C; Nikopoulou-Smyrni, P
2008Generalized pairwise z-complementary codesFeng, L; Fan, P; Tung, X; Loo, KK
2017A generalized simulation development approach for predicting refugee destinationsSuleimenova, D; Bell, D; Groen, D
2011Generalized state spaces and nonlocality in fault-tolerant quantum-computing schemesRatanje, N; Virmani, S
2005GeneRank: Using search engine technology for the analysis of microarray experimentsMorrison, JL; Breitling, R; Higham, D; Gilbert, D
2010Generating 3D product design models in real-time using hand motion and gestureOrphanides, Stephan
2010Generating a checking sequence with a minimum number of reset transitionsHierons, RM; Ural, H
2002Generating candidates when testing a deterministic implementation against a non-deterministic finite-state machineHierons, RM
2006Generating citizen trust in e-government using a trust verification agent: A research noteElliman, T
2006Generating citizen trust in e-government using a trust verification agent: A research noteTassabehji, Rana; Elliman, Tony
2010Generating collaborative systems for digital libraries: A model-driven approachMalizia, A; Bottoni, P; Levialdi, S