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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014High-Spatial Resolution Laser Doppler Blood Flow ImagingSun, S; He, D; Hayes-Gill, BR; Morgan, SP; 4th Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2014)
2010High-street fashion brand communication amongst female adolescentsMethanuntakul, Kanwipa
2017Higher education after neoliberalism: Towards a new epistemic orderOurania, F
2016Higher education policymaking in an era of increasing marketization-
1996Higher genus correlators for the hermitian matrix model with multiple cutsAkemann, G
2003Higher order energy expansions for some singularly perturbed Neumann problemsWinter, M; Wei, J
2017A higher order FEM for time-domain hydroelastic analysis of large floating bodies in an inhomogeneous shallow water environmentPapathanasiou, TK; Karperaki, A; Theotokoglou, EE; Belibassakis, KA
1995Higher order parallel splitting methods for parabolic partial differential equationsTaj, Malik Shahadat Ali
2013Higher order sigma point filter: A new heuristic for nonlinear time series filteringPonomareva, K; Date, P
2005A Higher-Order Energy Expansion to Two-Dimensional Singularly Neumann ProblemsWinter, M; Wei, J; Yeung, W-K
2004Higher-Order Energy Expansions and Spike LocationsWinter, M; Wei, J
1997Higher-order finite-difference methods for partial differential equationsCheema, Tasleem Akhter
2010Highly automated method for facial expression synthesisErsotelos, Nikolaos
2013Hip fracture risk assessment: Artificial neural network outperforms conditional logistic regression in an age- and sex-matched case control studyTseng, W-J; Hung, L-W; Shieh, J-S; Abbod, MF; Lin, J
2017A Hipótese Comunista e a Questão da OrganizaçãoThomas, PD
2015Histone deacetylase inhibitors cause TP53-dependent induction of p21/Waf1 in tumor cells with TP53 mutationsKovalev, RA; Shtam, TA; Karelov, DV; Burdakov, VS; Volnitskiy, AV; Makarov, EM; Filatova, MV
2000Historical Conceptions of Childhood Innocence: Removing SexualityPiper, CD
2016An Historical Myth? Matthew Flinders and the Quest for a StraitMorgan, KJ
2007A historical primer on consumer credit reporting systems: A lesson for EU policy makers?Ferretti, F
2008Historical psychology, utopian dreams and other fool’s errandsHubble, N