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Title: Development of an undergraduate multidisciplinary engineering project
Authors: Smith, D
Cole, JE
Keywords: Multidisciplinary;Undergraduate project;Large group teaching;Transferable skills development
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: The American University of Paris
Citation: Constructionism 2010, Paris, France, 16 - 20 Aug 2010
Abstract: During their time at university it is necessary for undergraduate engineering students to develop not just technical skills related to their chosen engineering subject, but to also develop team working, time management, self organisation and decision making skills that will enable them to work effectively as engineers in the real world after graduation. These important transferable skills are highly sought after by industry and any chance to identify where such skills have been successfully used during an undergraduate degree course is a valuable addition to a student’s CV when subsequently entering the job market. To address the need of developing transferable skills, the School of Engineering and Design Multidisciplinary Project (MDP) was introduced in 2007 to provide first year undergraduate students with an opportunity to work together in multidisciplinary teams on a design and construction project. Each team is comprised of students from across the range of subject areas within the School and tasked with designing and building a robotic vehicle to tackle an obstacle course. The basis for the kits provided to each team are Lego Mindstorms robots for a majority of groups while the remaining groups are provided with a Parallax Basic STAMP 2 chip and a micro-controller chip to design their vehicle around. Figure 1 shows a selection of the 50 completed project builds from the 2009 MDP, showing the wide array of designs produced by the students. This paper describes the main aims of the MDP and gives an overview of how it has developed over the last three years to become a key part of the engineering undergraduate programme at Brunel University.
ISBN: 978-80-89186-65-5
ISSN: 978-80-89186-66-2
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