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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-D modelling and 3-D simulation of confined bubble formation and formation and pressure fluctuations during flow boiling in a microchannel with a rectangular cross-section of high aspect ratioGedupudi, S; Zu, YQ; Karayiannis, TG; Kenning, DBR; Yan, YY
20091-D modelling of pressure fluctuations due to confined bubble growth during flow boiling in a microchannelGedupudi, S; Kenning, DBR; Karayiannis, TG; 2nd Micro and Nano Flows Conference (MNF2009)
1991A 10-point interpolatory recursive subdivision algorithm for the generation of parametric surfacesQu, R; Gregory, JA
2021120th Anniversary Event for Dora Telling Her Burning House Dream to FreudNobus, DM; Lockheart, J; Holzinger, B; Adler, K; Barrett, D; Wessely, Z; Blagrove, M
201612CaO.7Al2O3 ceramic: A review of the electronic and optoelectronic applications in display devicesFeizi, E; Ray, AK
201214th International Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research (ACAT 2011): PrefaceTeodorescu, L; Britton, D; Glover, N; Heinrich, G; Lauret, J; Naumann, A; Sper, T; Teixeira-Dias, P
6-Dec-2021The 16th ASCOLA conference, a Panel on ‘Career Challenges: How to make and maintain an academic career (not just as a woman)’, virtual, 1–3 July 2021Malinauskaite, J
2015The 1967 ‘Six Day’ Arab-Israeli WarHughes, M
21-Jan-20151994-2014: The Rwandan Genocide in the Rear-View MirrorSullo, P
2012(1S)-1-phenylethanaminium 4-{[(1S,2S)-1-hydroxy-2,3-dihydro-1H,1'H-[2,2'-biinden]-2-yl]methyl}benzoateFrampton, CS; Zhang, T; Scalabrino, GA; Frankish, N; Sheridan, H
20042-d CA variation with asymmetric neighborship for pseudorandom number generationGuan, SU; Zhang, S; Quieta, MT
2019A 2-piece six-axis force/torque sensor capable of measuring loads applied to tools of complex shapesNoh, Y; Lindenroth, L; Wang, S; Housden, RJ; Wingerden, A-SV; Li, W; Rhode, K
2012The 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Impact on the preservation of indigenous peoples' culturesAlivizatou, M; Expert Seminar on Indigenous Cultures and Languages in collaboration with the UN
6-Mar-201921st Century Trauma and the UncannyHorton, E
2022220 GHz Sparse Imaging with Multi-static Aperiodic ArrayHu, S; Molaei, AM; Yurduseven, O
201625-Hydroxyvitamin D concentration and Leukocyte telomere length in young adults: Findings from the Northern Finland birth cohort 1966Williams, DM; Palaniswamy, S; Sebert, S; Buxton, JL; Blakemore, AIF; Hyppoenen, E; Jarvelin, M-R
201625 years on and no end in sight: a perspective on the role of RecG protein.Lloyd, RG; Rudolph, CJ
2016A 2800-year multi-proxy sedimentary record of climate change from Lake Cubuk (Goynuk, Bolu, NW Anatolia)Ocakoglu, F; Donmez, EO; Akbulut, A; Tunoglu, C; Kir, O; Acikalin, S; Erayik, C; Yilmaz, IO; Leroy, SAG
2016A 2D dosimeter based on glass for gamma irradiationBaharin, Ruzalina
20182D MIMO Radar with Coprime ArraysLi, C; Gan, L; Ling, C