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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016M&A in emerging MarketNandy, M
2008The M, E, and N structural proteins of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus are required for efficient assembly, trafficking, and release of virus-like particlesSiu, YL; Teoh, KT; Lo, J; Chan, CM; Kien, F; Escriou, N; Tsao, SW; Nicholls, JM; Altmeyer, R; Peiris, JSM; Bruzzone, R; Nal, B
2003M-commerce perceptual quality of serviceAngelides, MC; Ghinea, G
2005m-FISH analysis reveals complexity of chromosome aberrations in individuals occupationally exposed with internal plutonium: A pilot study to assess the relevance of complex aberrations as biomarkers of exposure to high-LET α particlesAnderson, RM; Tsepenko, VV; Gasteva, GN; Molokanov, AV; Sevankaev, AV; Goodhead, DT
2002M-FISH analysis shows that complex chromosome aberrations induced by α-particle tracks are cumulative products of localised rearrangementsAnderson, RM; Stevens, DL; Goodhead, DT
2010m-Learning in the education of multimedia technologists and designers at the university level: A user requirements studyGaraj, V
2009M-quantile regression analysis of temporal gene expression dataVinciotti, V; Yu, K
1-Dec-2019‘[M]istris Drewry,/ You do not well’: The Gossip as an Ill-Doer in A Warning for Fair Women (1599)Sheeha, I
2013MAC-REALM: A video content feature extraction and modelling frameworkParmar, Minaz
2015MAC-REALM: A Video Content Feature Extraction and Modelling FrameworkParmar, M; Angelides, MC
2014Machiavelli and constituent power: the revolutionary foundation of modern political thoughtDel Lucchese, F
8-Mar-2022Machine Learning Algorithms for Flow Pattern Classification in Pulsating Heat PipesLoyola-Fuentes, J; Pietrasanta, L; Marengo, M; Coletti, F
3-Jan-2020Machine Learning and Digital Heritage: The CEPROQHA Project PerspectiveBelhi, A; Gasmi, H; Bouras, A; Alfaqheri, T; Aondoakaa, AS; Sadka, AH; Foufou, S
4-Apr-2022Machine learning application in personalised lung cancer recurrence and survivability predictionYang, Y; Xu, L; Sun, L; Zhang, P; Farid, SS
2021A Machine Learning Approach for Micro-Credit ScoringDate, P; Ampountolas, A; Constantinescu, C; Nyarko Nde, T
2019A Machine Learning Approach to Evolving an Optimal Propagation Model for Last Mile Connectivity using Low Altitude PlatformsAngelides, MC; Almalki, FA
12-May-2022Machine learning for text classification in building management systemsMesa-Jiménez, JJ; Stokes, L; Yang, Q; Livina, VN
13-Oct-2018Machine Learning for the prediction of the dynamic behavior of a small scale ORC systemPalagi, L; Pesyridis, A; Sciubba, E; Tocci, L
2019Machine Learning Methods Applied to Predict Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia with Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection via Sensor Array of Electronic Nose in Intensive Care UnitLiao, Y-H; Wang, Z-C; Zhang, F-G; Abbod, MF; Shih, C-H; Shieh, J-S
2010Machine learning paradigms for modeling spatial and temporal information in multimedia data miningBouchaffra, D; Amira, A; Zhu, C; Chen, CS