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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Zebrafish as a model to study the role of Peroxisome Proliferating-Activated Receptors in adipogenesis and obesityDen Broeder, MJ; Kopylova, VA; Kamminga, LM; Legler, J
1993Zero curvature conditions and conformal covarianceAkemann, G; Grimm, R
2021Zero waste approach towards a sustainable waste managementAwasthi, AK; Cheela, VRS; D’Adamo, I; Iacovidou, E; Islam, MR; Johnson, M; Miller, TR; Parajuly, K; Parchomenko, A; Radhakrishan, L; Zhao, M; Zhang, C; Li, J
21-Sep-2022Zero-Defect Manufacturing and Automated Defect Detection Using Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) ImagesSubramaniam, S; Kanfoud, J; Gan, TH
1994Zero-one IP problems: Polyhedral descriptions & cutting plane proceduresAbdul-Hamid, F; Mitra, G; Yarrow, L
2005Zero-sum? Realising the value of IT in businessSharif, AM
1974The zeros of partial sums of a maclaurin expansionTalbot, A
2012Zeta Potential of Modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in Presence of poly (vinyl alcohol) Hydrogelde la Cruz, EF; Zheng, Y; Torres, E; Li, W; Song, W; Burugapalli, K
2013The zinc cluster protein Sut1 contributes to filamentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeFoster, HA; Cui, M; Naveenathayalan, A; Unden, H; Schwanbeck, R; Höfken, T
2015The zinc cluster proteins Upc2 and Ecm22 promote filamentation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by sterol biosynthesis-dependent and -independent pathways.Woods, K; Höfken, T
2015The Zionist movement in search of grand strategyWagner, S
16-Sep-2017ZnCdS:Cu,Al,Cl: A Near Infra-Red Emissive Family of Phosphors for Marking, Coding, and IdentificationMarsh, PJ; Fern, GR; Ireland, TG; Salimian, A
21-Sep-2022Zonotopic distributed fusion for nonlinear networked systems with bit rate constraintZhao, Z; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Chen, Y; Sheng, W
2014Žižek and PerformanceChow, BDV; Mangold, A
2020µECM process investigation and sustainability assessmentMortazavi Nasiri, Mina
2017Η διαλεκτική της ηγεμονίας (The dialectic of hegemony)Thomas, PD
2016Οἰκονο&ία and Custom in the Canonical Commentaries of Theodore BalsamonPetkoff, P
2022Παιδεία του Πολίτη στο Αναλυτικό Πρόγραμμα του Ελληνικού Δημοτικού Σχολείου: ευκαιρίες και προκλήσεις (Global Citizenship Education in Greece's primary schools: opportunities and challenges)Efthymiou, G; Papanikolaou, P
2016ϒ(nS) polarizations versus particle multiplicity in pp collisions at s=7 TeVKhachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Asilar, E; Bergauer, T; Brandstetter, J; Brondolin, E; Dragicevic, M; Erö, J; Fabjan, C; Flechl, M; Friedl, M; Frühwirth, R; Ghete, VM; Hartl, C; Hörmann, N; Hrubec, J; Jeitler, M; Knünz, V; König, A; Krammer, M; Krätschmer, I; Liko, D; Matsushita, T; Mikulec, I; Rabady, D; Rad, N; Rahbaran, B; Rohringer, H; Schieck, J; Schöfbeck, R; Strauss, J; Treberer-Treberspurg, W; Waltenberger, W; Wulz, CE; Mossolov, V; Shumeiko, N; Suarez Gonzalez, J; Alderweireldt, S; Cornelis, T; De Wolf, EA; Janssen, X; Knutsson, A; Lauwers, J; Luyckx, S; Van De Klundert, M; Van Haevermaet, H; Van Mechelen, P; Van Remortel, N; Van Spilbeeck, A; Abu Zeid, S; Blekman, F; D'Hondt, J; Daci, N; De Bruyn, I; Deroover, K; Heracleous, N; Keaveney, J; Lowette, S; Moreels, L; Olbrechts, A; Python, Q; Strom, D; Tavernier, S; Van Doninck, W; Van Mulders, P; Van Onsem, GP; Van Parijs, I; Barria, P; Brun, H; Caillol, C; Clerbaux, B; De Lentdecker, G; Fang, W; Fasanella, G; Favart, L; Goldouzian, R; Grebenyuk, A; Karapostoli, G; Lenzi, T; Léonard, A; Maerschalk, T; Marinov, A; Perniè, L; Randle-conde, A; Seva, T; Vander Velde, C; Vanlaer, P; Yonamine, R; Zenoni, F; Zhang, F; Beernaert, K; Benucci, L; Cimmino, A; Crucy, S; Dobur, D; Fagot, A; Garcia, G; Gul, M
25-Nov-2020ℓ<inf>2</inf>–ℓ<inf>∞</inf> proportional–integral observer design for systems with mixed time-delays under round–robin protocolZhao, D; Wang, Z; Wei, G; Alsaadi, FE