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Title: Processing of metal matrix composites under external fields and their application as grain refiner
Authors: Djan, E
Vadakke Madam, S
Hari Babu, N
Tamayo-Ariztondo, J
Eskin, DG
Fan, Z
Keywords: Grain refinement;Mechanical stirring;Ultrasonication;Al–Mg–Ti /TiB2 Composite
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Citation: Light Metals 2014: 1401 - 1404, (4 February 2014)
Abstract: In an attempt to develop an efficient grain refiner by application of external fields, aluminium-based metal matrix composite Al- Mg-Ti/TiB 2, has been processed by mechanical stirring and treated by external field such as ultrasonication. In this study we present the microstructural features of the composite and the grain structure of Al- Mg-Ti alloy when this composite is added as a master alloy. Preliminary tests with the addition of Al-3% Mg- 0.01% Ti/TiB2 master alloys to Al-3% Mg-0.01% Ti showed indication of grain refinement and improvement in Brinell hardness.
ISBN: 9781118889084
ISSN: 0147-0809
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