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BCAST is an academic research centre focusing on both fundamental and applied research on advanced solidification processes for metallic materials. Within Brunel University, BCAST is a self-financing special research institute (SRI). Together with 3 other SRIs, BCAST forms an important part of Brunel University’s new research initiative. BCAST is striving for international excellence on both fundamental and applied research on solidification of metallic materials. BCAST sees itself as a reliable source of both new knowledge and new solidification technologies for the metallurgical industry. It’s internationally leading position will be demonstrated in the following 3 areas: Dynamic study of structures of liquid metals and alloys Theory of solidification (including nucleation and crystal growth) under intensive forced convection New solidification processing technologies

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2022Al–Mg<inf>2</inf>Si–Mg Alloys: Microstructure and Mechanical Properties from High-Pressure Die Casting to Additive ManufacturingYang, H; Wang, J; Dong, X; Ji, S
12-Apr-2022Mechanisms of improving the mechanical and antibacterial properties of Ti-3wt.%Cu alloysMa, C; Zhu, M; Wang, J; Zhou, X; Xing, H; Ji, S; Yang, H
9-Feb-2022Effect of high pressure die casting on the castability, defects and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys in extra-large thin-wall castingsNiu, Z; Liu, G; Li, T; Ji, S
10-Apr-2022A quantitative strategy for achieving the high thermal conductivity of die-cast Mg-Al-based alloysDong, X; Feng, L; Wang, S; Wang, F; Ghasemi, R; Ji, G; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
6-Apr-2022Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of H13 Tool Steel Fabricated by Selective Laser MeltingLei, F; Wen, T; Yang, F; Wang, J; Fu, J; Yang, H; Wang, J; Ruan, J; Ji, S
8-Apr-2022Effect of Nd on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mg-La-Ce Alloys at Ambient and Elevated TemperaturesFeng, L; Dong, X; Cai, Q; Wang, B; Ji, S
16-Apr-2022Microstructure Evolution and Properties of β-TCP/Mg-Zn-Ca Biocomposite Processed by Hot Extrusion Combined with Multi-Pass ECAPSun, X; Su, Y; Huang, Y; Chen, M; Liu, D
8-Apr-2022Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Deformation Behavior of CoCrFeNiMn High Entropy Alloy Particles onto Various Substrates During Cold SprayingAkisin, CJ; Bennett, CJ; Venturi, F; Assadi, H; Hussain, T
1-Mar-2021Crystallographic and Experimental Disproof of Pyramidal < c+a > Slip in MagnesiumHuang, Y; Yang, X; Jiang, J
29-Jun-2021Shear localization behavior in hat-shaped specimen of near-α Ti−6Al−2Zr−1Mo−1V titanium alloy loaded at high strain rateDu, Y-X; Yang, X-L; Li, Z-S; Hao, F; Mao, Y-C; Li, S-Q; Liu, X-H; Feng, Y; Yan, Z-M
10-May-2021Oxide Evolution During the Solidification of 316L Stainless Steel from Additive Manufacturing Powders with Different Oxygen ContentsYang, X; Tang, F; Hao, X; Li, Z
17-Mar-2022Innovative solution for degassing aluminum melts in industryLazaro-Nebreda, J; Patel, J; Fan, Z
28-Mar-2022Atomic Ordering at the Interfaces between Liquid Aluminum and Polar AlN{0 0 0 1} SubstratesFang, C; Fan, Z
1-Nov-2018The fabrication of graphene-reinforced Al-based nanocomposites using high-pressure torsionHuang, Y; Bazarnik, P; Wan, D; Luo, D; Pereira, PHR; Lewandowska, M; Yao, J; Hayden, BE; Langdon, TG
1-Jan-2022Effect of Homogenization on Anodic Film and Electrochemical Behavior of an A535 Alloy After Sealing with Stearic SealantChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Limmaneevichitr, C; Pandee, P; Kengkla, N; Athchasiri, J; Tanawansombat, T; Parnlasarn, N; Diewwanit, O
1-Jan-2022High-Speed Observations of Ultrasonic Fragmentation and De-agglomeration Process of Free-Floating Intermetallics and Oxide ParticlesPriyadarshi, A; Subroto, T; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Durodola, J; Tzanakis, I
1-Jan-2022Effect of Flow Management on Ultrasonic Melt Processing in a Launder upon DC CastingSubroto, T; Eskin, D; Beckwith, C; Roberts, D; Tzanakis, I; Pericleous, K
1-Jan-2022Manufacturing of Nano-Reinforced Aluminium Composites By a Combination of Stir Mixing, Ultrasonic Processing, and High-Pressure Die CastingLiu, G; Karim, M; Eskin, D; McKay, B
13-Feb-2022Crystal Chemistry and Electronic Properties of the Al-Rich Compounds, Al2Cu, ω-Al7Cu2Fe and θ-Al13Fe4 with Cu SolutionFang, C; Souissi, M; Que, Z; Fan, Z
31-Jan-2022Al-Mn Intermetallics in High Pressure Die Cast AZ91 and Direct Chill Cast AZ80Peng, L; Zeng, G; Wang, D; Xian, J; Ji, S; Zhan, H; Gourlay, CM
17-Jun-2018Multi-purpose high shear melt conditioning technology for effective melt quality and for recycling of Al-alloy scrapLazaro Nebreda, J; Patel, JB; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
24-Jan-2022The effect of solution temperature on the precipitates evolution and aging hardening response of Al-15%Mg2Si(-1%Cu) alloysSun, Y; Hu, M; Li, M; Li, C; Zhu, X; Xia, X; Yu, L; Liu, Y
2021Multiscale modelling of twin roll castingQiu, Yi
31-Oct-2017Artificial neural network and regression modelling to study the effect of reinforcement and deformation on volumetric wear of red mud nano particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites synthesized by stir castingSatyanarayana, G; Swami Naidu, G; Hari Babu, N
25-Jan-2022Comparative analysis of structure and properties of Nb-B inoculated direct chill cast AA4032 alloy extruded from as-cast and homogenised conditionsBarekar, NS; Skalicky, I; Wang, S; Shurkin, P; Adole, O; Hari Babu, N; Jarrett, M
31-Jul-2021Effect of Surface Oxides on the Melting and Solidification of 316L Stainless Steel Powder for Additive ManufacturingYang, X; Gao, F; Tang, F; Hao, X; Li, Z
21-Dec-2021Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ultrafine Quaternary Al-Cu-Si-Mg Eutectic AlloyCai, Q; Cantor, B; Tong, VS; Wang, F; Mendis, CL; Chang, ITH; Fan, Z
10-Jul-2021How would the deformation bands affect recrystallization in pure aluminium?Luan, Q; Wang, J; Huang, Y; Balint, DS; Jiang, J
3-Dec-2021Understanding the Effect of Ni Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of A384 HPDC AlloyDemirtas, H; Karakulak, E; Nadendla, HB
2021Cavitation in Thermoplastic Melts: New Insights into Ultrasound-Assisted Fibre-ImpregnationTzanakis, I; Khavari, M; Titze, M; Eskin, D
5-Feb-2021Size Effects of Brittle Particles in Aerosol Deposition—Molecular Dynamics SimulationDaneshian, B; Gaertner, F; Assadi, H; Hoeche, D; Weber, W; Klassen, T
6-Nov-2021Features of ceramic nanoparticle deformation in aerosol deposition explored by molecular dynamics simulationDaneshian, B; Gärtner, F; Assadi, H; Vidaller, MV; Höche, D; Klassen, T
1-Jan-2022Effect of Nucleant Particle Agglomeration on Grain SizeGao, F; Fan, Z
2021Microstructure and properties of a nanostructured W-31 wt% Cu composite produced by magnetic pulse compaction of bimetallic nanoparticlesPervikov, A; Filippov, A; Mironov, Y; Kalashnikov, M; Krinitcyn, M; Eskin, D; Lerner, M; Tarasov, S
28-Jan-2020High Cycle Fatigue Properties of the Zr-Modified Al–Si–Cu–Mg Alloy at Elevated TemperaturesLiu, G; Blake, P; Ji, S
6-Oct-2021Optimization of mechanical and antibacterial properties of Ti-3wt%Cu alloy through cold rolling and annealingYang, H; Zhu, M; Wang, J; Ma, C; Zhou, X; Xing, H; Zhang, E; Ji, S
15-Oct-2021Effect of Mn on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-4Ni AlloyFang, J; Dong, X; Ji, S
13-Nov-2021Microstructure and Texture Evolution during Severe Plastic Deformation at Cryogenic Temperatures in an Al-0.1Mg AlloyHuang, Y; Jiang, J
2021In-situ observations and acoustic measurements upon fragmentation of free-floating intermetallics under ultrasonic cavitation in waterPriyadarshi, A; Eskin, D
26-Oct-2021Effect of Temperature and Acoustic Pressure During Ultrasound Liquid-Phase Processing of Graphite in WaterMorton, JA; Eskin, DG; Grobert, N; Mi, J; Porfyrakis, K; Prentice, P; Tzanakis, I
5-Nov-2020Ultrasound induced fragmentation of primary Al3Zr crystalsPriyadarshi, A; Subroto, T; Conte, M; Prentice, P; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Durodola, J; Tzanakis, I
24-Jun-2021New insights into sono-exfoliation mechanisms of graphite: In situ high-speed imaging studies and acoustic measurementsMorton, JA; Khavari, M; Qin, L; Maciejewska, BM; Tyurnina, AV; Grobert, N; Eskin, DG; Mi, J; Porfyrakis, K; Prentice, P; Tzanakis, I
7-Oct-2021Ultrafast synchrotron X-ray imaging and multiphysics modelling of liquid phase fatigue exfoliation of graphite under ultrasoundQin, L; Maciejewska, BM; Subroto, T; Morton, JA; Porfyrakis, K; Tzanakis, I; Eskin, DG; Grobert, N; Fezzaa, K; Mi, J
15-Oct-2021Mechanisms of ultrasonic de-agglomeration of oxides through in-situ high-speed observations and acoustic measurementsPriyadarshi, A; Khavari, M; Subroto, T; Prentice, P; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Durodola, J; Tzanakis, I
23-Sep-2021A grain refinement mechanism of cast commercial purity aluminium by vanadiumWang, F; Chiu, Y-L; Eskin, D; Du, W; Shearing, PR
28-Jan-2020The Formation of Al<inf>6</inf>(Fe, Mn) Phase in Die-Cast Al–Mg AlloysZhu, X; Ji, S
30-Jul-2021Morphologically templated nucleation of primary Si on AlP in hypereutectic Al-Si alloysZhu, X; Wang, S; Dong, X; Liu, X; Ji, S
29-May-2021Development of an Mg–RE-Based Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy for Elevated ApplicationsDong, X; Feng, L; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
22-Sep-2021Environment friendly dual-frequency ultrasonic exfoliation of few-layer grapheneTyurnina, AV; Morton, JA; Subroto, T; Khavari, M; Maciejewska, B; Mi, J; Grobert, N; Porfyrakis, K; Tzanakis, I; Eskin, D
16-Apr-2020Processing of recycled AA6111 aluminium alloy from two different feedstock of aluminium metal scrapsChang, I; Luo, D; Al-Helal, K; Patel, JB; Huang, Y; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 324