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BCAST is an academic research centre focusing on both fundamental and applied research on advanced solidification processes for metallic materials. Within Brunel University, BCAST is a self-financing special research institute (SRI). Together with 3 other SRIs, BCAST forms an important part of Brunel University’s new research initiative. BCAST is striving for international excellence on both fundamental and applied research on solidification of metallic materials. BCAST sees itself as a reliable source of both new knowledge and new solidification technologies for the metallurgical industry. It’s internationally leading position will be demonstrated in the following 3 areas: Dynamic study of structures of liquid metals and alloys Theory of solidification (including nucleation and crystal growth) under intensive forced convection New solidification processing technologies

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2024On Sc Addition in A206 Alloy: The Formation of W-AlCuSc Phase and Its Strength-Weakening Effect in Sand CastingsLi, T; Zhu, X; Gao, Y; Shan, L; Davies, JMT; Ji, S
4-Mar-2024Alloys innovation through machine learning: a statistical literature reviewValizadeh, A; Sahara, R; Souissi, M
10-Feb-2024Microstructural evolution and strengthening mechanisms of a high-strength Al-Mg-Si alloy processed by laser powder bed fusion and ageing treatmentWen, T; Wang, J; Li, Z; Yang, F; Liu, Z; Yang, H; Ji, S
19-Feb-2024Microstructure and Tensile Properties of HPDC Mg–RE Alloys with Varying Y AdditionsFeng, L; Dong, X; Cai, Q; Ji, S
7-Mar-2024A molecular dynamics study on the boundary between homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleationMen, H
18-Feb-2021Recycling-Oriented Design of the Al-Zn-Mg-Ca AlloysShurkin, P; Belov, N; Akopyan, T; Karpova, Z
29-May-2021Hypereutectic al-ca-mn-(Ni) alloys as natural eutectic compositesNaumova, E; Doroshenko, V; Barykin, M; Sviridova, T; Lyasnikova, A; Shurkin, P
12-Sep-2023Phase Composition and Microstructure of Cast Al-6%Mg-2%Ca-2%Zn Alloy with Fe and Si AdditionsDoroshenko, V; Shurkin, P; Sviridova, T; Fortuna, A; Shkaley, I
16-Feb-2024New insights into the mechanism of ultrasonic atomization for the production of metal powders in additive manufacturingPriyadarshi, A; Bin Shahrani, S; Choma, T; Zrodowski, L; Qin, L; Leung, CLA; Clark, SJ; Fezzaa, K; Mi, J; Lee, PD; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I
20-Jul-2023High-strength Al–5Mg<inf>2</inf>Si–2Mg–2Fe alloy with extremely high Fe content for green industrial application through additive manufacturingWang, J; Gao, J; Yang, H; Yang, F; Wen, T; Liu, Z; Zhang, L; Ji, S
23-Jan-2024Nature of Oxides in Al–Mg AlloysNiu, Z; Wang, S; Gao, F; Fan, Z
26-Dec-2023Effect of cube texture on local softening of friction stir welded joints for nanostructured AA2024 processed by accumulative roll bondingNaseri, M; Alvand, M; Ahmadi, E; Hosseini, S; Gholami, D; Mourad, A-HI; Borhani, E
25-Nov-2023Flattening aluminum plates with tuning asymmetric rolling parametersSu, H; Hou, L; Tian, Q; Wang, Y; Zhuang, L
1-Aug-2023Environment-Induced Crack Initiation and Early Stages of Crack Growth in Aluminum Alloys, Part 2Holroyd, H; Burnett, T; Scamans, G
7-Dec-2023Enhancing ambient and elevated temperature performance of hypoeutectic Al–Ce cast alloys by Al3(Sc,Zr) precipitateMohammed, AA; Chankitmunkong, S; Wang, S; Eskin, DG; Patakham, U; Limmaneevichitr, C; Pandee, P
29-Sep-2023Effect of water temperature and induced acoustic pressure on cavitation erosion behaviour of aluminium alloysPriyadarshi, A; Krzemień, W; Salloum-Abou-Jaoude, G; Broughton, J; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I
29-Dec-2021Al/NbB2 In-Situ Kompozit Üretimi ve Özelliklerinin İncelenmesiDEMİRTAŞ, H; KARAKULAK, E; NADENLA, HB
8-Nov-2023Heat Treatment Conditions for High-Performance High-Pressure Die-Cast Al–Si–Cu–Mg AlloyDemirtaş, H; Karakulak, E; Hari Babu, N
20-Sep-2023Mechanical Property Enhancement Due to Plastic Deformation Prior to Peak-Age Hardening in an Al-Mg-Si Aluminium AlloyEssien, A; Li, Z; Barbatti, C; Mendis, C; Huang, Y
8-Jun-2023For Georgy I. Eskin – On the occasion of his 90th birthdayEskin, D
23-Oct-2023Precipitation hardening and structure evolution in hypereutectic Al-6 % Fe-Zr alloys subjected to ultrasonic melt processingChankitmunkong, S; Wang, F; Pandee, P; Limmaneevichitr, C; Eskin, DG
18-Oct-2023Point excess solute: A new metric for quantifying solute segregation in atom probe tomography datasets including application to naturally aged solute clusters in Al-Mg-Si-(Cu) alloysFamelton, JR; Williams, CA; Barbatti, C; Bagot, PAJ; Moody, MP
2022Influence of Al-Nb-B grain refiner addition on the microstructure of aluminium alloysAdole, Onuh John
13-Sep-2023The impact of binding energies on the necessary conditions in aerosol depositionDaneshian, B; Gärtner, F; Weber, WE; Assadi, H; Klassen, T
9-Sep-2023Improving strength-ductility synergy of nano/ultrafine-structured Al/Brass composite by cross accumulative roll bonding processNaseri, M; Reihanian, M; Moghaddam, AO; Gholami, D; Hosseini, S; Alvand, M; Borhani, E; Trofimov, E
17-Oct-2022Effect of solution treatment on microstructure and stress rupture properties of precipitation hardened IN718 superalloy fabricated by laser powder-bed fusion processChizari, AM; Kermanpur, A; Foroozmehr, E; Rezaeian, A; Sadeghi, F; Rezaei, A
20-Apr-2023Solidification behavior and microstructural features of the cast and HIPed N-bearing Ti–48Al–2Cr–2Nb intermetallic alloysGhorbani, HR; Kermanpur, A; Rezaeian, A; Sadeghi, F; Siahboumi, AA
25-Aug-2023Microstructure and texture analysis of 304 austenitic stainless steel using Bragg edge transmission imagingBakhtiari, M; Sadeghi, F; Sato, H; Um, W; Yim, CH; Lee, H-S
30-Aug-2023A super wear-resistant coating for Mg alloys achieved by plasma electrolytic oxidation and discontinuous depositionDong, X; Xia, M; Wang, F; Yang, H; Ji, G; Nyberg, EA; Ji, S
9-Apr-2021Formation energies of θ-Al<inf>2</inf>Cu phase and precursor Al-Cu compounds: Importance of on-site Coulomb repulsionSouissi, M; Fang, CM; Sahara, R; Fan, Z
2023The development of high pressure die-cast magnesium alloys for the applications at high temperaturesFeng, Lingyun
18-Aug-2023Microstructure, hardening and mechanical properties of hypoeutectic Al-Ce-Ni alloys with Zr and Zr+Sc additions and the effect of ultrasonic melt processingChankitmunkong, S; Wang, F; Limmaneevichitr, C; Eskin, D
22-Jul-2015Preferential Eu Site Occupation and Its Consequences in the Ternary Luminescent Halides AB2I5 ∶ Eu2+ (A = Li–Cs; B = Sr, Ba)Fang, CM; Biswas, K
21-Apr-2021Crystal chemistry and electronic structure of the β-AlFeSi phase from first-principlesFang, C; Que, Z; Fan, Z
5-Oct-2020Formation of θ-Al13Fe4 and the multi-step phase transformations to α-Al8Fe2Si, β-Al5FeSi and δ-Al4FeSi2 in Al–20Si-0.7Fe alloyQue, Z; Mendis, CL
27-Apr-2023Atomic Ordering and Interfacial Interaction at Liquid-Mg/SiC{0 0 0 1} Interfaces: An Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics StudyFang, C; Fan, Z
7-May-2020Heterogeneous nucleation and phase transformation of Fe-rich intermetallic compounds in Al–Mg–Si alloysQue, Z; Mendis, CL
27-May-2023Relationships between Processing and Properties of Magnesium-Based AlloysWiese, B; Celikin, M; Mendis, CL
12-May-2023New Insight Into Crack-Healing Mechanism via Electropulsing TreatmentCai, Q; Zhou, M; Bagherpour, E; Hosseini, S; Mendis, C; Chang, I; Assadi, H
8-Aug-2023A novel Al-Si-Ni-Fe near-eutectic alloy for elevated temperature applicationsCai, Q; Fang, C; Lordan, E; Wang, Y; Chang, ITH; Cantor, B
26-Aug-2023Classification of T6 tempered 6XXX series aluminum alloys based on machine learning principlesTiwari, T; Jalalian, S; Mendis, C; Eskin, D
11-Jul-2023Segregation of Yttrium at the Mg/MgO interface in an Mg-0.5Y AlloyWang, S; Wang, Y; Ramasse, QM; Schmid-Fetzer, R; Fan, Z
13-Jul-2023Scan strategy induced microstructure and consolidation variation in the laser-powder bed fusion (L-PBF) additive manufacturing of low alloy 20MnCr5 steelYang, X; Gibbons, GJ; Tanner, DA; Li, Z; Wilson, P; Williams, MA; Kotadia, HR
17-Mar-2023Sonoprocessing of materials (Special issue)Eskin, D; Komarov, S; Tzanakis, I
11-May-2023High Pressure Die Cast nAlN reinforced AZ91 Magnesium AlloyKarim, M; Liu, G; Eskin, D; McKay, B
1-Jul-2017De-ironing of Aluminium alloy scrap by high shear melt conditioning technologyLazaro Nebreda, J; Patel, J; Stone, I; Scamans, G; Fan, Z
8-Jun-2023Microstructural, Biomechanical, and In Vitro Studies of Ti-Nb-Zr Alloys Fabricated by Powder MetallurgyKarakurt, EM; Cetin, Y; Incesu, I; Demirtas, H; Kaya, M; Yildizhan, Y; Tosun, M; Huang, Y
23-Oct-2020Effect of deformation on precipitation and the microstructure evolution during multistep thermomechanical processing of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu AlloyZuo, J; Hou, L; Shu, X; Peng, W; Yin, A; Zhang, J
14-Feb-2023Cavitation-induced shock wave behaviour in different liquidsKhavari, M; Priyadarshi, A; Morton, J; Porfyrakis, K; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I
28-Jan-2023Progress and perspective on different strategies to achieve wake-up-free ferroelectric hafnia and zirconia-based thin filmsSilva, JPB; Sekhar, KC; Negrea, RF; MacManus-Driscoll, JL; Pintilie, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 527