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Title: Experimental Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Steel Reinforcement at Elevated Temperature
Authors: Elghazouli, AY
Cashell, KA
Izzuddin, BA
Keywords: Steel reinforcement;Mechanical properties;Elevated temperature
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Fire Safety Journal, 2009, 44 (6), pp. 909 - 919
Abstract: This paper describes an experimental investigation into the influence of elevated temperatures on the mechanical properties of steel reinforcement. The study includes tests carried out at ambient temperature as well as under steady-state and transient elevated temperature conditions. A complementary test series, in which the residual post-cooling properties of reinforcing bars were examined, is also described. The experimental study focussed on assessing the performance of reinforcement of 6 and 8 mm diameter, although 10 mm bars were also considered in some cases. The specimens included both plain and deformed bars. After providing an outline of the experimental set-up and loading procedures, a detailed account of the test results is presented and discussed. Apart from the evaluation of stress–strain response and degradation of stiffness and strength properties, particular emphasis is given to assessing the influence of temperature on enhancing the ductility of reinforcement. The findings of this study have direct implications on procedures used for predicting the ultimate behaviour of structural floor elements and assemblages during, and following, exposure to elevated temperatures.
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