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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jul-2023Additive Manufacturing and the Construction IndustryChougan, M; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Ghaffar, SH
14-Feb-2023An Insight into Durability, Electrical Properties and Thermal Behavior of Cementitious Materials Engineered with Graphene Oxide: Does the Oxidation Degree Matter?Lamastra, FR; Montesperelli, G; Galvanetto, E; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Bianco, A
20-Aug-2023Enhanced Compatibility of Secondary Waste Carbon Fibers through Surface Activation via Nanoceramic Coating in Fiber-Reinforced Cement MortarsSambucci, M; Valente, M; Nouri, SM; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH
14-Sep-2023Upcycling end-of-life bricks in high-performance one-part alkali-activated materialsAl-Noaimat, YA; Chougan, M; Al-kheetan, MJ; Yio, MHN; Wong, HS; Ghaffar, SH
13-Oct-2022Automatically Identified EEG Signals of Movement Intention Based on CNN Network (End-To-End)Shahini, N; Bahrami, Z; Sheykhivand, S; Marandi, S; Danishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Roosta, Y
12-Mar-2021The impact of aquifer stratification on saltwater intrusion characteristics. Comprehensive laboratory and numerical studyEtsias, G; Hamill, GA; Águila, JF; Benner, EM; McDonnell, MC; Ahmed, AA; Flynn, R
16-Sep-2023Identifying cost-effective locations of storage dams for rainfall harvesting and flash flood mitigation in arid and semi-arid regionsIbrahim, AS; Al Zayed, IS; Abdelhaleem, FS; Afify, MM; Ahmed, A; Abd-Elaty, I
26-Apr-2022Investigation of the Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Law of Layered Rock Strata Using the Discrete-Particle ModelZhang, X; Yin, M
24-Jun-2022Effect of stress path on the mechanical properties of calcareous sandWei, H; Liu, H; Li, X; Tao, Z; Wu, Y; Shen, J; Yin, M
27-Sep-2022Study on the long-term performance of shield tunnel passing through the gas-bearing strataHe, J; Wei, X; Yin, M
20-Jun-2023Optimization of pipe circuits in energy tunnelsHe, J; Yin, M; Wei, X; Wu, Z
30-Jun-2023Combining remote sensing techniques and field surveys for post-earthquake reconnaissance missionsGiardina, G; Macchiarulo, V; Foroughnia, F; Jones, JN; Whitworth, MRZ; Voelker, B; Milillo, P; Penney, C; Adams, K; Kijewski-Correa, T
14-Nov-2022Extratropical cyclone damage to the seawall in Dawlish, UK: eyewitness accounts, sea level analysis and numerical modellingAdams, K; Heidarzadeh, M
26-Aug-2023Laboratory-grade vs. industrial-grade NaOH as alkaline activator: The properties of coal fly ash based-alkaline activated material for constructionSuwan, T; Wong, HS; Fan, M; Jitsangiam, P; Thongchua, H; Chindaprasirt, P
16-Jun-2023Analysis of the fluvial stratigraphic response to the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Bighorn Basin, U.S.A.Owen, A; Hartley, AJ; Hoey, TB; Ebinghaus, A; Jolley, DW; Weissmann, GS
17-Aug-2021Tendon stress evaluation of unbonded post-tensioned concrete segmental bridges with two-variable response surfacesHalder, R; Yuen, TYP; Chen, W-W; Zhou, X; Deb, T; Zhang, H; Wen, T-H
7-Jun-2023Editorial: Editors’ showcase: structural materialsProvis, JL; Zhou, X
5-Mar-2020Transformation tools enabling the implementation of nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular cityKatsou, E; Nika, C-E; Buehler, D; Marić, B; Megyesi, B; Mino, E; Almenar, JB; Bas, B; Bećírović, D; Bokal, S; Ðolic, M; Elginöz, N; Kalnis, G; Mateo, M-CG; Milousi, M; Mousavi, A; Rinčic, I; Rizzo, A; Rodriguez-Roda, I; Rugani, B; Šalaševičiene, A; Sari, R; Stanchev, P; Topuz, E; Atanasova, N
4-Mar-2020Implementing nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular cityLangergraber, G; Pucher, B; Simperler, L; Kisser, J; Katsou, E; Buehler, D; Mateo, MCG; Atanasova, N
4-Nov-2019Long-term operation of a pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) treating high salinity low loaded municipal wastewater in real environmentFoglia, A; Akyol, Ç; Frison, N; Katsou, E; Eusebi, AL; Fatone, F
3-Jul-2019Validated innovative approaches for energy-efficient resource recovery and re-use from municipal wastewater: From anaerobic treatment systems to a biorefinery conceptAkyol, Ç; Foglia, A; Ozbayram, EG; Frison, N; Katsou, E; Eusebi, AL; Fatone, F
15-Apr-2022Knowledge-based and data-driven approaches for assessing greenhouse gas emissions from wastewater systemsPorro, J; Vasilaki, V; Bellandi, G; Katsou, E
15-Apr-2022Full-scale emission results (N2O and CH4)Vasilaki, V; Pijuan, M; Duan, H; Katsou, E
1-Feb-2021Comparative life cycle environmental and economic assessment of anaerobic membrane bioreactor and disinfection for reclaimed water reuse in agricultural irrigation: A case study in ItalyFoglia, A; Andreola, C; Cipolletta, G; Radini, S; Akyol, Ç; Eusebi, AL; Stanchev, P; Katsou, E; Fatone, F
23-Sep-2020Microplastics in real wastewater treatment schemes: Comparative assessment and relevant inhibition effects on anaerobic processesPittura, L; Foglia, A; Akyol, Ç; Cipolletta, G; Benedetti, M; Regoli, F; Eusebi, AL; Sabbatini, S; Tseng, LY; Katsou, E; Gorbi, S; Fatone, F
3-Mar-2021Parameter uncertainty and sensitivity evaluation of copula-based multivariate hydroclimatic risk assessmentHuang, K; Fan, YR
20-Dec-2020Management of Drinking Water Source in Rural Communities under Climate ChangeHuang, WW; Chen, XJ; Fan, YR; Li, YP
5-Aug-2022Collided with COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2020 Yangtze Flood Is Exceptionally SevereWang, F; Huang, GH; Fan, Y
1-Nov-2022A Mixed-Level Factorial Inference Approach for Ensemble Long-Term Hydrological Projections over the Jing River BasinZhou, X; Huang, G; Fan, Y; Wang, X; Li, Y
8-Dec-2022A factorial inexact copula stochastic programming (FICSP) approach for water-energy- food nexus system managementWang, Y; Lu, Y; Xu, Y; Zheng, L; Fan, Y
29-Jul-2023Potential benefits of limiting global warming for the mitigation of temperature extremes in ChinaGuo, J; Liang, X; Wang, X; Fan, Y; Liu, L
8-Aug-2023Failure Mechanism of Boulder-Embedded Slope Under Excavation Disturbance and RainfallYu, X; Zhao, T; Gong, B; Tang, CA
15-May-2023Recent progress on BIM-based sustainable buildings: State of the art reviewFonseca Arenas, N; Shafique, M
8-Aug-2023Origin and evolution of cracks in the glaze surface of a ceramic during the cooling processChen, T; Gong, B; Tang, C
17-Jul-2023Managing coastal aquifer salinity under sea level rise using rice cultivation recharge for sustainable land coverAbd-Elaty, I; Sallam, GAH; Pugliese, L; Negm, AM; Straface, S; Scozzari, A; Ahmed, A
2-Jan-2023Understanding the challenges of construction demolition waste management towards circular construction: Kuwait Stakeholder’s perspectiveAl-Raqeb, H; Ghaffar, SH; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Chougan, M
1-Apr-2023Composite alkali-activated materials with waste tire rubber designed for additive manufacturing: an eco-sustainable and energy saving approachValente, M; Sambucci, M; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH
21-Feb-2023Towards development of sustainable lightweight 3D printed wall building envelopes – Experimental and numerical studiesCuevas, K; Strzałkowski, J; Kim, J-S; Ehm, C; Glotz, T; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH; Stephan, D; Sikora, P
24-Jun-2023Utilisation of raw oil shale as fine aggregate to replace natural sand in concrete: Microstructure, surface chemistry and macro propertiesBayaidah, RH; Habashneh, AAO; Al-Ma'aitah, SH; Alfahajin, MS; Al-Kheetan, MJ; Jweihan, YS; Alrwashdeh, SS; Al-Hamaiedeh, H; Ghaffar, SH
12-Apr-2023A probabilistic approach to evaluate the seismic loss of metro tunnels in Shanghai CityHuang, ZK; Zhang, DM; Zhou, WD; Pitilakis, K; Tsinidis, G; Argyroudis, S
9-Jun-2023Sustainability and climate resilience metrics and trade-offs in transport infrastructure asset recoveryMitoulis, S-A; Bompa, DV; Argyroudis, S
21-Oct-2021Numerical investigation of mining-induced strata disturbances using a discontinuous deformation and displacement coupling methodYang, X; Liang, Z; Gong, B
12-Jun-2023Large evaporite provinces: Warming from above or heating from below?Qin, Z; Tang, C; Liu, L; Chen, T; Gong, B
23-Nov-2022A Mutual Information Theory-Based Approach for Assessing Uncertainties in Deterministic Multi-Category Precipitation ForecastsNing, Y; Liang, G; Ding, W; Shi, X; Fan, Y; Chang, J; Wang, Y; He, B; Zhou, H
4-Apr-2023How Extreme Events in China Would Be Affected by Global Warming—Insights From a Bias-Corrected CMIP6 EnsembleGuo, J; Wang, X; Fan, Y; Liang, X; Jia, H; Liu, L
7-Jun-2023Deep learning-based multi-target regression for traffic-related air pollution forecastingAkinosho, TD; Bilal, M; Hayes, ET; Ajayi, A; Ahmed, A; Khan, Z
8-Jun-2023Factors influencing self-healing mechanisms of cementitious materials: A reviewMohamed, A; Zhou, Y; Bertolesi, E; Liu, M; Liao, F; Fan, M
1-Jun-2023Linear Segmented Arc-Shaped Piezoelectric Branch Beam Energy Harvester for Ultra-Low Frequency VibrationsPiyarathna, IE; Thabet, AF; Ucgul, M; Lemckert, C; Lim, YY
10-Feb-2023Eco-Friendly Wood Composites: Design, Characterization and ApplicationsSavov, V; Antov, P; Zhou, Y; Bekhta, P
2-Feb-2021Development of clustered polynomial chaos expansion model for stochastic hydrological predictionWang, F; Huang, GH; Fan, Y; Li, YP
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 137