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Title: Microstructural characteristics of diecast AlMgSiMn alloy
Authors: Ji, SX
Wang, Y
Watson, D
Fan, ZY
Keywords: Al-Mg-Si-Mn alloy;Die casting;Microstructural evolution;Solidification
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications
Citation: Advanced Materials Research, 783-786: 234 - 239, (May 2014)
Abstract: Solidification and microstructural characteristics of Al-5wt.%Mg-1.5wt.%Si-0.6wt.%Mn- 0.2wt.%Ti alloy have been investigated in high pressure die casting. The average size of dendrites and fragmented dendrites of the primary α-Al phase formed in the shot sleeve is 43μm, and the globular α-Al grains formed inside the die cavity is 7.5μm. Solidification inside the die cavity also forms the lamellar Al-Mg2Si eutectic phase and the Fe-rich intermetallics. The size of the eutectic cells is about 10μm, in which the lamellar α-Al phase is 0.41μm thick. The Fe-rich intermetallic compound exhibits a compact morphology and is less than 2μm. Calculations using the Mullins and Sekerka stability criterion reveal that the solidification of the primary α-Al phase inside the die cavity has completed before the spherical α-Al globules begin to lose their stability, but the α-Al grains formed in the shot sleeve exceed the limit of spherical growth and therefore exhibit a dendritic morphology.
ISBN: 9783038350736
ISSN: 1022-6680
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