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Title: Quantitative sensitivity analysis of surface attached optical fiber strain sensor
Authors: Wan, KT
Keywords: Optical fiber strain sensor;Extended Fourier amplitude sensitivity test;Global sensitivity analysis;Strain transfer
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Sensors Journal, 14(6): 1805 - 1812, (June 2014)
Abstract: Optical fiber strain sensors, in particular, the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) type, are widely applied in different applications. The most common installation method is surface-attached. In principle, the optical fiber strain sensor with adequate sampling and signal processing techniques is usually more accurate than electrical resistive strain gauge. However, the strain of the surface of structure may not transfer to the sensing element perfectly. The ratio between the measured and actual strain can be correlated by a strain transfer factor (STF). However, it depends on the material and geometrical properties of the optical fiber and adhesive. It is noneconomical and impractical to measure the STF for every installed sensor. It is desirable to identify the most of the sensitive parameters on the variation of the STF so that the quality control and assurance procedure can be performed more efficiently. In this paper, a quantitative global sensitivity analysis, called extended Fourier amplitude sensitivity test will be performed to compute the first-order and total sensitivity indexes based on a well-established semi-analytical/empirical mechanical model of three material and five geometrical parameters of both integral and optical FBG type optical fiber strain sensor with two different kinds of polymeric coating under three types of strain field in 16 different configurations. From the detail analysis, the most of the sensitive parameters on the STF are bond length, the thickness of adhesive beneath the optical fiber and the deviation of grating position, which are related to workmanship instead of the material properties of the optical fiber and adhesive.
ISSN: 1530-437X
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