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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2023Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the fluid environment of 3D printed tissue scaffolds within a perfusion bioreactor: the effect of pore shapeZhang, B
30-Apr-2021Modified selective non-catalytic reduction system to reduce NOx gas emission in biodiesel powered enginesMasera, K; Hossain, AK
6-Aug-2023Numerical Analysis of a Solar-Powered Tube HeaterTannous, H; Stojceska, V; Tassou, S
6-Oct-2023Integration and Simulation of Solar Thermal Energy to Diary ProcessesTannous, H; Masera, K; Tassou, S; Stojceska, V
27-Nov-2023An investigation into the effects of ink formulations of semi-solid syringe extrusion 3D printing on the performance of the printed solid dosage formsZhang, B; Belton, PS; Teoh, X-Y; Gleadall, A; Bibb, RJ; Qi, S
24-Aug-2019Why and which insulation materials for refrigerators!Verma, S; Singh, H
31-Jul-2018Estimation of Radionuclide Release Activity Using an Unscented Kalman FilterVajpayee, V; Becerra, V; Bausch, N; Tian, X; Santhosh, TV; Vinod, G
2-Nov-2023A coupled model of finite element method and Mie theory for heat transfer inside expanded perlite vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) at high temperaturesJalali, MR; Kaushik, D; Verma, S; Singh, H
19-Jul-2023Coupling LAMMPS and OpenFOAM for Multi-Scale ModelsMagnini, M; Smith, ER; Pringle, G; Gennari, G
3-Aug-2023Multiscale Simulation of Fluids: Coupling Molecular and ContinuumSmith, ER; Theodorakis, PE
24-Oct-2023An Empirical Study of V2V and V2I Regarding Technology Acceptance for Autonomous VehiclesMossa, M; De Coster, R
25-May-2023Comparative Assessment of sCO2 Cycles, Optimal ORC, and Thermoelectric Generators for Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Applications from Heavy-Duty Diesel EnginesAhamed, M; Pesyridis, A; Ahbabi Saray, J; Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, A; Gharehghani, A; Rajoo, S
9-Oct-2023Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Servo Error of Heavy Vertical Machining Centre Considering Nonlinear FactorsWang, H; Li, T; Sun, X; Mynors, D; Wu, T
27-Oct-2023Towards Robust and Effective Passive Compliance Design of End-Effectors for Robotic Train Fluid ServicingEshraghi, K; Wang, M; Mares, C
9-Nov-2023A Toolpath Planning Method for Optical Freeform Surface Ultra-Precision Turning Based on NURBS Surface CurvatureWang, X; Bai, Q; Gao, S; Zhao, L; Cheng, K
8-Nov-2023Fabric defect detection using AI and machine learning for lean and automated manufacturing of acoustic panelsCheung, WH; Yang, Q
18-Aug-2023Multi-Objective Optimization of Micro-Milling Parameters—The Trade-Offs between Machining Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability in the Fabrication of Thin-Walled MicrostructuresWang, P; Bai, Q; Cheng, K; Zhao, L; Zhang, Y
19-Oct-2023Discrete wavelet transforms analysis of vibration signals for correlating tool wear in diamond turning of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V alloyManjunath, K; Tewary, S; Khatri, N; Cheng, K
24-Aug-2021Plate buckling including effects of shear deformation and plate bending curvatures using the boundary element methodPalermo, L; Gomes, VC; Wrobel, LC
2-Aug-2022Effect of curvatures in the buckling analysis of perforated plates using the boundary element methodSoares, RA; Gomes, VC; Palermo, L; Wrobel, LC
27-Sep-2022Two accelerated isogeometric boundary element method formulations: fast multipole method and hierarchical matrices methodBastos, E; de Albuquerque, ÉL; Campos, LS; Wrobel, LC
31-Oct-2023Optimal Design and Analysis of a Hybrid Hydrogen Energy Storage System for an Island-Based Renewable Energy CommunityDehouche, Z
18-Oct-2023Review on the Economic Impacts of Solar Thermal Power PlantsGobio-Thomas, LB; Darwish, M; Stojceska, V
28-Sep-2023Proposal of a microchannel receiver for Fresnel technology to supply solar heat for industrial processesMontes, MJ; Stojceska, V; Reay, D; Ibarra, M
23-Oct-2023Social sustainability assessments of industrial level solar energy: A systematic reviewZafar, I; Stojceska, V; Tassou, S
23-Oct-2023Energy Demand Reduction: supply chains and risk analysisAxon, CJ; Darton, RC
4-Sep-2023Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis of Hydrostatic Bearing with the MMC Material in Micro-Nano MachiningKhaghani, A; Ivanov, A; Cheng, K
3-Jul-2019Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Metal Rings Subjected to Fixed-End Crush Loading, and Comparisons with Hollow SpheresFarr, M; Kogo, B; Wang, B; Chizari, M
25-Dec-2019压缩载荷作用下锂离子电池的安全性能Fan, W; Xue, P; Wang, G; Wang, B
15-Mar-2023Testing load transacting method based on assessment target equivalentWang, B; Zheng, J; Liu, W; Wang, G
1-Sep-2023Safety Performance and Failure Criteria of Lithium-Ion Batteries under Mechanical AbuseWang, G; Guo, X; Chen, J; Han, P; Su, Q; Guo, M; Wang, B; Song, H
12-Oct-2023Effects of Ni/MoS2, Ag and Cr2O3 on the Microstructure and Mechanical Performance of a CoCrFeNi High-Entropy Alloy over a Wide Temperature RangeChao, X; Liu, D; Zhang, C; Meng, S; Wang, B
7-Sep-2023Experimental and numerical study of rate-dependent mode-I failure of a structural adhesiveŠkec, L; Alfano, G
6-Aug-2022Extended Powell–Sabin finite element scheme for linear elastic fracture mechanicsChen, L; Bahai, H; Alfano, G
1-Jun-2017Decision-support tools for selection of pipeline corrosion coatingsYasseri, S; Bahai, H
11-Jun-2018Modification of the least square MPS method for the heat conduction problemsTanaka, M; Cardoso, R; Bahai, H
12-Feb-2020Energy recovery from domestic radiators using a compact composite metal Foam/PCM latent heat storageTalebizadehsardari, P; Babaei-Mahani, R; Giddings, D; Yasseri, S; Moghimi, MA; Bahai, H
1-Mar-2020Case studies in estimating subsea systems’ readiness levelYasseri, SF; Bahai, H
8-Nov-2023Effect of temperature on interfacial properties of CO2/H2 mixtures contacting with brine and hydrophilic silica by molecular dynamics simulationsChen, C; Xia, J; Bahai, H
19-Aug-2023Medium temperature heat pipes – Applications, challenges and future directionWerner, TC; Yan, Y; Karayiannis, T; Pickert, V; Wrobel, R; Law, R
18-Sep-2023Fungal Exposure and Shelter Assessment in Syrian Refugee Settlements in LebanonAlaouie, M; Troisi, GM; Saliba, N; Shaib, H; Hajj, R; El Hajj, R; Malak, S; Jakarian, C; Jaafar, W
7-Jul-2023Influence of system pressure on flow boiling in microchannelsLee, VYS; Karayiannis, TG
12-Sep-2023Intelligent Solubility estimation of Gaseous Hydrocarbons in Ionic LiquidsBasirat, B; Shaahmadi, F; Mirfasihi, SS; Jomekian, A; Bazooyar, B
25-Oct-2022Printed Circuit Board Inspection: Fusion of Optical and X-ray Images (FOXi) for Electronic Components ClassificationStarodubov, D; Danishvar, S; Ott, R; Abu Ebayyeh, AARM; Cummings, N; Mousavi, A
21-Oct-2020Direct ink writing of polycaprolactone / polyethylene oxide based 3D constructsZhang, B; Chung, SH; Barker, S; Craig, D; Narayan, RJ; Huang, J
5-Dec-2018The effects of axial tension on the sagging-moment regions of concrete-filled tubular flange girdersAl-Dujele, R; Cashell, KA
19-Jul-20233D Motion Analysis for the Assessment of Dynamic Coupling in Transtibial Prosthetics: A Proof of ConceptCullen, S; Mackay, R; Mohagheghi, A; Du, X
21-Oct-2021Mass transfer coefficients of carbon dioxide in aqueous blends of monoethanolamine and glycerol using wetted-wall columnBabamohammadi, S; Yusoff, R; Aroua, MK; Borhani, TN
27-Sep-2021Mixture of piperazine and potassium carbonate to absorb CO<inf>2</inf> in the packed column: Modelling studyBorhani, TN; Babamohammadi, S; Khallaghi, N; Zhang, Z
22-Jan-2021Activation of Ti–Fe–Cr alloys containing identical AB<inf>2</inf> fractionsKim, H; Faisal, M; Lee, S-I; Jung, JY; Kim, H-J; Hong, J; Lee, Y-S; Shim, J-H; Cho, YW; Kim, DH; Suh, J-Y
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 2419