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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2020Ground control point distribution for accurate kilometre-scale topographic mapping using an rtk-gnss unmanned aerial vehicle and sfm photogrammetryStott, E; Williams, RD; Hoey, TB
18-Aug-2021A Capacitive Cochlear Implant Electrode Array Sensing System to Discriminate Fold-Over PatternHou, L; Du, X; Boulgouris, NV; Hafeez, N; Coulson, C; Irving, R; Begg, P; Brett, P
14-Mar-2020Imperialist Competitive Algorithm with Independence and Constrained Assimilation for Solving 0-1 Multidimensional Knapsack Problem.Dzalbs, I; Kalganova, T; Dear, I
9-Sep-2021Fragility assessment of tunnels in soft soils using artificial neural networksHuang, Z; Argyroudis, SA; Pitilakis, K; Zhang, D; Tsinidis, G
3-Sep-2021Predicting the conductive heat transfer through evacuated perlite based vacuum insulation panelsVerma, S; Singh, H
29-Jul-2021Resilient cooling strategies – A critical review and qualitative assessmentZhang, C; Kazanci, OB; Levinson, R; Heiselberg, P; Olesen, BW; Chiesa, G; Sodagar, B; Ai, Z; Selkowitz, S; Zinzi, M; Mahdavi, A; Teufl, H; Kolokotroni, M; Salvati, A; Bozonnet, E; Chtioui, F; Salagnac, P; Rahif, R; Attia, S; Lemort, V; Elnagar, E; Breesch, H; Sengupta, A; Wang, LL; Qi, D; Stern, P; Yoon, N; Bogatu, D-I; Rupp, RF; Arghand, T; Javed, S; Akander, J; Hayati, A; Cehlin, M; Sayadi, S; Forghani, S; Zhang, H; Arens, E; Zhang, G
2021Pointing error compensation of electro-optical detection systems using Gaussian process regressionYang, Q; Wang, X; Forbes, AB
29-Apr-2021Numerical modelling of ultrasonic guided wave propagation and defect detection in offshore steel sheet pilesDhutti, A; Dhutti, A; Malo, S; Marques, H; Balachandran, W; Gan, TH
1-Dec-2019Online flow monitoring system development for the resin transfer moulding processPouchias, A; Cunningham, PR; Stein, J; Kazilas, M
24-Jun-2018Simulation of damage on carbon fibre laminates using the Ladevèze material modelLoukodimou, V; Kazilas, MC; Skordos, AA
9-Jun-2021Probabilistic quantification of tsunami current hazard using statistical emulationGopinathan, D; Heidarzadeh, M; Guillas, S
6-Aug-2021A Review of Biomaterials and Scaffold Fabrication for Organ-on-a-Chip (OOAC) SystemsOsório, L; Silva, E; Mackay, R
4-Aug-2021Regional thermal hyperemia in the human leg: Evidence of the importance of thermosensitive mechanisms in the control of the peripheral circulationKoch Esteves, N; Gibson, OR; Khir, AW; González‐Alonso, J
3-Aug-2021The Role of the 3Rs for Understanding and Modeling the Human PlacentaCosta, J; Mackay, R; de Aguiar Greca, S-C; Corti, A; Silva, E; Karteris, E; Ahluwalia, A
6-Aug-2021Defects and uncertainties of adhesively bonded composite jointsOmairey, S; Jayasree, N; Kazilas, M
11-Aug-2021An eye tracking based virtual reality system for use inside magnetic resonance imaging systemsQian, K; Arichi, T; Price, A; Dall’Orso, S; Eden, J; Noh, Y; Rhode, K; Burdet, E; Neil, M; Edwards, AD; Hajnal, JV
31-Jul-2021Fundamental aspects of pool boiling and relation to enhancementKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, M
14-May-2021Impact of future tsunamis from the Java trench on household welfare: Merging geophysics and economics through catastrophe modellingSalmanidou, DM; Ehara, A; Himaz, R; Heidarzadeh, M; Guillas, S
4-Aug-2021Effect of carrier gases on the entrainment defects within AZ91 alloy castingsLi, T; Davies, JMT; Zhu, X
2018A Robotic Sensing System for Cochlear Implant Electrode Array InsertionDu, X; Hou, L; Boulgouris, N; Coulson, C; Irving, R; Begg, P
20-Apr-2020Towards Unblinding the Surgeons: Complex Impedance for Electrode Array Insertion Guidance in Cochlear ImplantationHafeez, N; Du, X; Boulgouris, N; Begg, P; Irving, R; Coulson, C; Tourrels, G
18-May-2021Flexible zinc oxide photoelectrode for photo electrochemical energy conversionShiyani, T; Banerjee, I; Mahapatra, SK; Ray, AK
5-Aug-2018Experimental investigation on the fire resistance of cast-in-situ hollow core concrete slabs constructed using filler boxes and an assembly box systemLyu, J; Wang, Y; Van Coile, R; Huang, Z; Huang, Y
12-Feb-2020Residual properties of three-span continuous reinforced concrete slabs subjected to different compartment firesWang, Y; Chen, Z; Jiang, Y; Huang, Z; Zhang, Y; Huang, Y; Li, L; Wu, J; Guo, W
19-Sep-2020Water Cycle and Circular Economy: Developing a Circularity Assessment Framework for Complex Water SystemsVasilaki, V; Nika, CE; Expósito, A; Katsou, E
14-Aug-2020Multi-scale reliability-based design optimisation framework for fibre-reinforced composite laminatesOmairey, SL; Dunning, PD; Sriramula, S
5-Aug-2021Revealing the structure and evolution of entrained oxide film in Mg–Y alloy castingsLi, T; Davies, JMT; Zhu, X
2021Pool Boiling Review: Part II- Heat Transfer EnhancementKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, MM
18-Jun-2021Nature-based solutions as enablers of circularity in water systems: A review on assessment methodologies, tools and indicatorsNika, CE; Gusmaroli, L; Ghafourian, M; Atanasova, N; Buttiglieri, G; Katsou, E
20-Jul- 201Molecular droplets vs bubbles: Effect of curvature on surface tension and Tolman lengthWen, J; Dini, D; Hu, H; Smith, ER
30-Jun-2021Modelling of microstructure evolution during laser processing of intermetallic containing ni-al alloysJabbareh, MA; Assadi, H
17-Jul-2021Long term performance analysis of low concentrating photovoltaic (LCPV) systems for building retrofitParupudi, RV; Singh, H; Kolokotroni, M; Tavares, J
4-Jun-2021Economic assessment of nature-based solutions as enablers of circularity in water systemsGhafourian, M; Stanchev, P; Mousavi, A; Katsou, E
21-Sep-2020Phase change materials for building construction: An overview of nano-/micro-encapsulationSivanathan, A; Dou, Q; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Corker, J; Zhou, Y; Fan, M
3-May-2021Overview of nanocellulose as additives in paper processing and paper productsLi, A; Xu, D; Luo, L; Zhou, Y; Yan, W; Leng, X; Dai, D; Zhou, Y; Ahmad, H; Rao, J; Fan, M
1-Jun-2021A Novel Capacitive Cochlear Implant Electrode Array Sensing System to Discriminate Fold-over PatternHou, L; Du, X; Boulgouris, N; Hafeez, N; Coulson, C; Irving, R; Begg, C; Brett, P
17-Feb-2021Viscuit and the fluctuation theorem investigation of shear viscosity by molecular dynamics simulations: The information and the noiseHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
2021Development of an Ontology-Based Semantic Building Post-Occupancy Evaluation FrameworkZhao, Y; Yang, Q
8-Jan-2021Design and validation of a novel fuzzy-logic-based static feedback controller for tendon-driven continuum robotsBa, W; Dong, X; Mohammad, A; Wang, M; Axinte, D; Norton, A
15-Jul-2021Five years of cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) and CAVI0: how close are we to a pressure-independent index of arterial stiffness?Giudici, A; Khir, AW; Reesink, KD; Delhaas, T; Spronck, B
3-Jun-2021From Uniaxial Testing of Isolated Layers to a Tri-Layered Arterial Wall: A Novel Constitutive Modelling FrameworkGiudici, A; Khir, AW; Szafron, JM; Spronck, B
31-Mar-2021Study Protocol: The Heart and Brain StudySuri, S; Bulte, D; Chiesa, ST; Ebmeier, KP; Jezzard, P; Rieger, SW; Pitt, JE; Griffanti, L; Okell, TW; Craig, M; Chappell, MA; Blockley, NP; Kivimäki, M; Singh-Manoux, A; Khir, AW; Hughes, AD; Deanfield, JE; Jensen, DEA; Green, SF; Sigutova, V; Jansen, MG; Zsoldos, E; Mackay, CE
21-Jul-2021The Importance of Reference Frame for Pressure at the Liquid-Vapour InterfaceSmith, ER
7-Jul-2021Measurements of Higgs boson production cross sections and couplings in the diphoton decay channel at $\sqrt{s} = $ 13 TeVCMS Collaboration; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Coldham, K; Cole, JE; Khan, A; Kyberd, P; Reid, ID; Teodorescu, L; Zahid, S
18-Mar-2019Drying of olive leaves in a geothermal dryer and determination of quality parameters of dried productHelvaci, HU; Menon, A; Aydemir, LY; Korel, F; Akkurt, GG
2021Structural Behaviour and Fire Design of Duplex and Ferritic Stainless Steel CHS Stub ColumnsMohammed, A; Cashell, KA
2020Enhanced cycling performance of rechargeable zinc–air flow batteries using potassium persulfate as electrolyte additiveKhezri, R; Hosseini, S; Lahiri, A; Motlagh, SR; Nguyen, MT; Yonezawa, T; Kheawhom, S
4-Jul-2021Effect of particle breakage on the shear strength of calcareous sandsWei, H; Yin, M; Zhao, T; Yan, K; Shen, J; Meng, Q; Wang, X; He, J
2-Sep-2016Acoustic performance of cold-formed steel buildingsWang, CJ; Mynors, DJ
17-Jun-2021Cross‐sectional behaviour and design of ferritic and duplex stainless steel EHS in compressionMohammed, A; Cashell, KA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 2063