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Title: Torsional-flexural buckling of unevenly battened columns under eccentrical compressive loading
Authors: Ren, YZ
Cheng, WM
Wu, X
Wang, B
Keywords: Torsional-flexural buckling;Critical-buckling load;Piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation (PCHI);Battened column;Unevenly
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers
Citation: Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 142, (1): pp. 04015066 - 04015066, (2016)
Abstract: In this paper, an analytical model is developed to determine the torsional-flexural buckling load of a channel column braced by unevenly distributed batten plates. Solutions of the critical-buckling loads were derived for three boundary cases using the energy method in which the rotating angle between the adjacent battens was presented in the form of a piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation (PCHI) for unequally spaced battens. The validity of the PCHI method was numerically verified by the classic analytical approach for evenly battened columns and a finite-element analysis for unevenly battened ones, respectively. Parameter studies were then performed to examine the effects of loading eccentricities on the torsional-flexural buckling capacity of both evenly and unevenly battened columns. Design parameters taken into account were the ratios of pure torsional buckling load to pure flexural–buckling load, the number and position of battens, and the ratio of the relative extent of the eccentricity. Numerical results were summarized into a series of relative curves indicating the combination of the buckling load and corresponding moments for various buckling ratios.
ISSN: 0733-9399
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