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Title: A Mobile Money Solution for Illiterate Users
Authors: Mesfin, W
Gronli, TM
Ghinea, G
Younas, M
Keywords: Component;Mobile money architecture;Web;Mobile web;Illiterate users;Digital money;Rural application development
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Mobile Services, (MS), IEEE international Conference, New York, pp. 328 - 335, Jun 27- 2 July 2015
Abstract: Existing mobile money platforms have text based interfaces and target literate people. Illiterate people, without the assistance of literate individuals, cannot use such platforms. Applying user-centered requirements gathered in an Ethiopian context, this paper presents the design and development of a mobile money solution that targets illiterate people. Particular emphasis is given to how illiterate users deal with cash money in their everyday life and how such practices can be mapped into financial technology design. Given the ubiquity of mobile telephony in Africa, our solution is based on the widely available, relatively inexpensive and open source Android mobile web platform. The proposed system enables illiterate individuals to count money bills, while providing the facility to accept and make payments. In so doing, we provide an example of how a pervasive technology such as smartphones can empower a hitherto often neglected user category of illiterate users.
ISBN: 9781467372848
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