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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2021Argumentation Schemes for Clinical Decision SupportSassoon, I; Kokciyan, N; Modgil, S; Parsons, S
Sep-2021Guest editorial: Cognitive models for peer to peer networking in 5G and beyond networks and systemsBudati, AK; Ghinea, G; Yadav, DK; Ranipet, HB
16-Jul-2021Distributed Approaches to Supply Chain Simulation: A ReviewTaylor, S; Mustafee, N; Katsaliaki, K
21-Aug-2021DeepHistoClass: A novel strategy for confident classification of immunohistochemistry images using Deep LearningGhoshal, B; Hikmet, F; Pineau, C; Tucker, A; Lindskog, C
14-Jul-2021Probability-Guaranteed Distributed Secure Estimation for Nonlinear Systems over Sensor Networks under Deception Attacks on InnovationsMa, L; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Yi, X
26-Aug-2019MOEA/D-Based Probabilistic PBI Approach for Risk-Based Optimal Operation of Hybrid Energy System with Intermittent Power UncertaintyZhang, H; Yue, D; Yue, W; Li, K; Yin, M
19-Jul-2021Trust in Home: Rethinking Interface Design in IoTManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
8-Feb-2019A comparison and evaluation of variants in the coupling between objects metricChild, M; Rosner, P; Counsell, S
14-Dec-2021Constructing Antidictionaries of Long Texts in Output-Sensitive SpaceAyad, LAK; Badkobeh, G; Fici, G; Héliou, A; Pissis, SP
12-May-2021Fault-Tolerant Consensus Control for Multi-agent Systems: An Encryption-Decryption SchemeGao, C; Wang, Z; He, X; Dong, H
18-May-2021Ultimately Bounded Filtering Subject to Impulsive Measurement OutliersZou, L; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Dong, H
30-Jun-2021A Reflective Account of Particularising Ethnographic Principles and Practices for Doing ICT4D ResearchSam, S
6-May-2021Communication skills training intervention based on automated recognition of nonverbal signalsPereira, M; Hone, K
6-May-2021Rapid non-contact visual measurement method for key dimensions of revolving workpiecesGao, P; Liu, F; Sun, X; Wang, F; Li, J
6-May-2021Should Robots Blush?Park, S; Healey, PGT; Kaniadakis, A
12-Mar-2021In the wild pilot usability assessment of a connected health system for stroke self managementBalatsoukas, P; Sassoon, I; Chapman, M; Kokciyan, N; Drake, A; Modgil, S; Ashworth, M; Curcin, V; Sklar, E; Parsons, S
24-May-2021Using an Instant Visual and Text Based Feedback_Tool to Teach Path Finding Algorithms A ConceptNagaria, B; Evans, BC; Mann, A; Arzoky, M
10-Oct-2020The influence of human factors on 360<sup>∘</sup> mulsemedia QoESaleme, EB; Covaci, A; Assres, G; Comsa, IS; Trestian, R; Santos, CAS; Ghinea, G
17-Jun-2015Software development practices in academia: a case study comparisonGroen, D; Guo, X; Grogan, JA; Schiller, UD; Osborne, JM
31-Dec-2020Outlier-Resistant Observer-Based Control for a Class of Networked Systems Under Encoding–Decoding MechanismLi, J; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Yi, X
26-Mar-2021Secure Particle Filtering for Cyber-Physical Systems With Binary Sensors Under Multiple AttacksSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
12-Apr-2021Machine Learning Prediction of Allosteric Drug Activity from Molecular DynamicsMarchetti, F; Moroni, E; Pandini, A; Colombo, G
20-Mar-2021Reconstruction of ARNT PAS-B Unfolding Pathways by Steered Molecular Dynamics and Artificial Neural NetworksMotta, S; Pandini, A; Fornili, A; Bonati, L
2021Exploring the Profiles of Software Testing Jobs in the United StatesKassab, M; Laplante, P; Defranco, J; Vicente Graciano Neto, V; Destefanis, G
16-Oct-2012Coalesced communication: a design pattern for complex parallel scientific softwareCarver, HB; Groen, D; Hetherington, J; Nash, RW; Bernabeu, MO; Coveney, PV
10-Mar-2021Cascaded complementary filter architecture for sensor fusion in attitude estimationNarkhede, P; Poddar, S; Walambe, R; Ghinea, G; Kotecha, K
19-Feb-2021An Overview of Recommendation Techniques and Their Applications in HealthcareYue, W; Wang, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, X
1-Mar-2021A CRF-based Framework for Tracklet Inactivation in Online Multi-Object TrackingGao, T; Pan, H; Wang, Z; Gao, H
29-Mar-2021Sensitivity-driven simulation development: a case study in forced migrationSuleimenova, D; Arabnejad, H; Edeling, WN; Groen, D
29-Mar-2021Uncertainty quantification of dynamic earthquake rupture simulationsDaub, EG; Arabnejad, H; Mahmood, I; Groen, D
19-Sep-2019Explainable argumentation for wellness consultationSassoon, I; Kökciyan, N; Sklar, E; Parsons, S
1-Feb-2017Towards an empowerment framework for evaluating mobile phone use and impact in developing countriesSam, S
6-Dec-2018A formalisation and prototype implementation of argumentation for statistical model selectionSassoon, I; Zillessen, S; Keppens, J; McBurney, P
2-Feb-2021Reasoning About Neural Network Activations: An Application in Spatial Animal Behaviour from Camera Trap ClassificationsEvans, BC; Tucker, A; Wearn, OR; Carbone, C
27-Feb-2021Numerical methodology and CFD simulations of a rotary vane energy recovery device for seawater reverse osmosis desalination systemsYe, F; Bianchi, G; Rane, S; Tassou, S; Deng, S
8-Feb-2021Cross-Subject Assistance: Inter-and Intra-Subject Maximal Correlation for Enhancing the Performance of SSVEP-Based BCIsWang, H; Sun, Y; Wang, F; Cao, L; Zhou, W; Wang, Z; Chen, S
5-Jan-2021Task Allocation on Layered Multi-Agent Systems: When Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Meets Deep Q-LearningLi, M; Wang, Z; Li, K; Liao, X; Hone, K; Liu, X
8-Jan-2021Set-Membership Filtering Subject to Impulsive Measurement Outliers: A Recursive AlgorithmZou, L; Wang, Z; Geng, H; Liu, X
5-Jan-2021Probability-Guaranteed Distributed Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Innovation Constraints over Sensor NetworksMa, L; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Yi, X
2020Statically verified refinements for multiparty protocolsZhou, F; Ferreira, F; Hu, R; Neykova, R; Yoshida, N
9-Dec-2020Distributed Auxiliary Particle Filtering with Diffusion Strategy for Target Tracking: A Dynamic Event-Triggered ApproachSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
9-Dec-2020Particle Filtering for Nonlinear/Non-Gaussian Systems with Energy Harvesting Sensors Subject to Randomly Occurring Sensor SaturationsSong, W; Wang, Z; Wang, J; Alsaadi, FE; Shan, J
2-Apr-2020A Hybrid Model- And Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Baseline Data Prediction of Friedreich's Ataxia PatientsYue, W; Wang, Z; Tian, B; Pook, M; Liu, X
2018An Architecture for an Autoscaling Cloud-Based System for Simulation ExperimentationTaylor, SJE; Anagnostou, A; Kiss, T; Pattison, G; Kite, S; Kovacs, J; Kacsuk, P
13-Dec-2020Innovations in Simulation: Experiences with Cloud-based Simulation ExperimentationTaylor, SJE; Anagnostou, A; Abubakar, N; Kiss, T; DesLauriers, J; Terstyanszky, G; Kacsuk, P; Kovacs, J; Kite, S; Pattison, G; Petry, J
25-Feb-2021Review of supercritical CO2 technologies and systems for power generationWhite, MT; Bianchi, G; Chai, L; Tassou, SA; Sayma, AI
1-Nov-2020Qualitative findings from a systematic review: Visual arts engagement for adults with mental health conditionsTomlinson, A; Lane, J; Julier, G; Grigsby-Duffy, L; Payne, A; Mansfield, L; Kay, T; John, A; Meads, C; Daykin, N; Golding, A; Victor, C
29-Sep-2020Dynamic Modeling and Heat Flow Study of a Thermal Power Plant Using OpenModelicaAnjum, H; Ul-Haq, A; Mahmood, I
2020Overview of the 3rd DECOR WorkshopAndres, F; Ghinea, G; Grosky, W; Leite, MCA
22-Oct-2020Estimating Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Reporting Confidence to Clinicians in Medical Image Segmentation and Diseases DetectionGhoshal, B; Tucker, A; Sanghera, B; Wong, WL
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1738