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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Sep-2022Back to the Control Room: Managing Artistic WorkReeves, S; Greiffenhagen, C; Perry, M
8-Jun-2022Implementing a new platform to test empathy in toddlers with wearable fNIRS in freely moving set-upBulgarelli, C; Pinti, P; Aburumman, N; Gosse, L; Tucker, L; Smith, T; Mareschal, D; Tachtsidis, I; Elwell, CE; Jones, E
9-Feb-2022Celebrating the 10<sup>th</sup> simulation workshop: The story of the conference seriesRobinson, S; Taylor, SJE
29-Aug-2022CALMS: Modelling the long-term health and economic impact of Covid-19 using agent-based simulationMintram, K; Anagnostou, A; Anokye, N; Okine, E; Groen, D; Saha, A; Abubakar, N; Islam, T; Daroge, H; Ghorbani, M; Xue, Y; Taylor, SJE
1-Jun-2022Integrating Residual, Dense, and Inception Blocks into the nnUNetMcConnell, N; Li, Y
29-Jun-2022Many-objective optimization meets recommendation systems: A food recommendation scenarioZhang, J; Li, M; Liu, W; Lauria, S; Liu, X
1-Aug-2022Recognizing the Binding Pattern and Dissociation Pathways of the p300 Taz2-p53 TAD2 ComplexLi, T; Motta, S; Stevens, AO; Song, S; Hendrix, E; Pandini, A; He, Y
18-Jul-2022Beyond Multimedia Authoring: On the Need for Mulsemedia Authoring ToolsDe Mattos, DP; Muchaluat-Saade, DC; Ghinea, G
6-Jan-2022Multisensory 360 Videos Under Varying Resolution Levels Enhance PresenceCovaci, A; Bissoli Saleme, E; Assres, G; Comsa, IS; Trestian, R; Saibel Santos, CA; Ghinea, G
1-Apr-2022Guest Editorial: Creative Learning in Authentic Contexts with Advanced Educational TechnologiesShadiev, R; Hwang, WY; Ghinea, G
3-Jul-2021Automated Climate Monitoring System: the Case of Greenhouse Industries in EthiopiaWeldeslasie, DT; Assres, G; Grønli, TM; Ghinea, G
20-Aug-2021When Scents Help Me Remember My PasswordAlkasasbeh, AA; Spyridonis, F; Ghinea, G
27-Jul-2022How Do Developers Really Feel About Bug Fixing? Directions for Automatic Program RepairWinter, E; Bowes, D; Counsell, S; Hall, T; Haraldsson, S; Nowack, V; Woodward, J
4-Jun-2022Code smells detection via modern code review: a study of the OpenStack and Qt communitiesHan, X; Tahir, A; Liang, P; Counsell, S; Blincoe, K; Li, B; Luo, Y
11-Jul-2022Automatic Detection of Driver Fatigue Based on EEG Signals Using a Developed Deep Neural NetworkSheykhivand, S; Rezaii, TY; Mousavi, Z; Meshgini, S; Makouei, S; Farzamnia, A; Danishvar, S; Teo Tze Kin, K
15-Jun-2022Camp Location Selection in Humanitarian Logistics: A Multiobjective Simulation Optimization ApproachXue, Y; Li, M; Arabnejad, H; Suleimenova, D; Jahani, A; C. Geiger, B; Wang, Z; Liu, X; Groen, D
14-Jul-2022From Epidemic to Pandemic ModellingConnolly, S; Gilbert, D; Heiner, M
4-Mar-2020Hash-based hierarchical caching and layered filtering for interactive previews in global illumination renderingRoth, T; Weier, M; Bauszat, P; Hinkenjann, A; Li, Y
16-Apr-2022Factors Associated with HIV Testing among Reproductive Women Aged 15–49 Years in the Gambia: Analysis of the 2019–2020 Gambian Demographic and Health SurveyDeynu, M; Agyemang, K; Anokye, N
14-Jun-2022An analysis of retracted papers in Computer ScienceShepperd, M; Yousefi, L
1-May-2020Bank capital: Excess credit and crisis incidenceBarrell, R; Karim, D
31-May-2022An Effective and Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective OptimizationXue, Y; Li, M; Liu, X
17-May-2022STAMINA: Bioinformatics Platform for Monitoring and Mitigating Pandemic OutbreaksBakalos, N; Kaselimi, M; Doulamis, N; Doulamis, A; Kalogeras, D; Bimpas, M; Davradou, A; Vlachostergiou, A; Fotopoulos, A; Plakia, M; Karalis, A; Tsekeridou, S; Anagnostopoulos, T; Despotopoulou, AM; Bonavita, I; Petersen, K; Pelepes, L; Voumvourakis, L; Anagnostou, A; Groen, D; Mintram, K; Saha, A; Taylor, SJE; Ham, CVD; Kaleta, P; Ignjatović, D; Rossi, L
12-Mar-2021Correction to: Relaxed rule-based learning for automated predictive maintenance: proof of concept (Algorithms 2020, 13, 219)Razgon, M; Mousavi, A
21-May-2022Guidelines for evaluating wearables’ quality of experience in a mulsemedia contextHussain, N; Ghinea, G
21-May-2020Locally Minimum-Variance Filtering of 2-D Systems over Sensor Networks with Measurement Degradations: A Distributed Recursive AlgorithmWang, F; Wang, Z; Liang, J; Yang, J
23-May-2022Where is the greatest potential for resource recovery in wastewater treatment plants?Renfrew, D; Vasilaki, V; McLeod, A; Lake, A; Danishvar, S; Katsou, E
12-Aug-2021Neural-Network-Based Set-Membership Fault Estimation for 2-D Systems Under Encoding-Decoding MechanismZhu, K; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Wei, G
31-Aug-2021Event-Triggered Recursive State Estimation for Stochastic Complex Dynamical Networks Under Hybrid AttacksChen, Y; Meng, X; Wang, Z; Dong, H
7-Apr-2022Non-Fragile Dissipative Fuzzy PID Control with Mixed Fading MeasurementsWang, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Dong, H
1-Apr-2022Minimum-Variance State and Fault Estimation for Multirate Systems with Dynamical BiasShen, Y; Wang, Z; Dong, H
19-Apr-2021Recent developments on complexity scienceJi, Z; Liu, Y; Zou, L
10-Nov-2021Electric vehicle charging station planning with dynamic prediction of elastic charging demand: a hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithmWang, Z; Zou, L; Liu, H; Sun, Q; Alsaadi, FE
10-Feb-2022Joint State and Fault Estimation of Complex Networks under Measurement Saturations and Stochastic NonlinearitiesLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Zhou, D; Chen, W-H
20-Oct-2021Empower parameterized generative adversarial networks using a novel particle swarm optimizer: algorithms and applicationsTian, L; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Cheng, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, X
4-Feb-2022Explainable AI techniques with application to NBA gameplay predictionWang, Y; Liu, W; Liu, X
16-Mar-2022Examining Potential of Scents for Enhancement of User Performance with Mobile AppsCaro-Alvaro, S; Alkasasbeh, AA; Garcia-Lopez, E; Garcia-Cabot, A; Rozinaj, G; Ghinea, G
15-Apr-2022Why ‘one size fits all’ is not enough when designing COVID-19 immunity certificates for domestic use: a UK-wide cross-sectional online surveyNiculaescu, C-E; Sassoon, I; Landa-Avila, C; Colak, O; Jun, GT; Balatsoukas, P
14-Mar-2022Identifying Latent Variables in Dynamic Bayesian Networks with Bootstrapping Applied to Type 2 Diabetes Complication PredictionLeila, Y; Tucker, A
2-Jun-2021A route pruning algorithm for an automated geographic location graph constructionSchweimer, C; Geiger, BC; Wang, M; Gogolenko, S; Mahmood, I; Jahani, A; Suleimenova, D; Groen, D
26-May-2022Towards a Requirement-driven Digital Twin ArchitectureNwogu, C; Lugaresi, G; Anagnostou, A; Matta, A; Taylor, S
15-Mar-2022Can e-Learning Enable the Transition to University for Computing and Electronic Engineering Students from Low Socio-Economic Status? A Socio-Cultural ApproachKaniadakis, A; Padumadasa, E
22-Feb-2021The impact of uncertainty on predictions of the CovidSim epidemiological codeEdeling, W; Arabnejad, H; Sinclair, R; Suleimenova, D; Gopalakrishnan, K; Bosak, B; Groen, D; Mahmood, I; Crommelin, D; Coveney, PV
16-Aug-2019Closed-loop cycles of experiment design, execution, and learning accelerate systems biology model development in yeastCoutant, A; Roper, K; Trejo-Banos, D; Bouthinon, D; Carpenter, M; Grzebyta, J; Santini, G; Soldano, H; Elati, M; Ramon, J; Rouveirol, C; Soldatova, LN; King, RD
30-Apr-2021Intellirehabds (Irds)—a dataset of physical rehabilitation movementsMiron, A; Sadawi, N; Ismail, W; Hussain, H; Grosan, C
25-Feb-2022PathDetect-SOM: A Neural Network Approach for the Identification of Pathways in Ligand Binding SimulationsMotta, S; Callea, L; Bonati, L; Pandini, A
13-Sep-2019How Do We Experience Crossmodal Correspondent Mulsemedia Content?Covaci, A; Saleme, EB; Mesfin, G; Hussain, N; Kani-Zabihi, E; Ghinea, G
19-Dec-20195MART: A 5G SMART Scheduling Framework for Optimizing QoS through Reinforcement LearningComsa, IS; Trestian, R; Muntean, GM; Ghinea, G
24-Aug-2020An empirical examination of the moderating role of age and gender in consumer mobile banking use: a cross-national, quantitative studyMerhi, M; Hone, K; Tarhini, A; Ameen, N
27-Apr-2015Towards an Automation of the Traceability of Bugs from Development LogsAuwal Romo, B; Capiluppi, A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1864