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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2020Towards Modelling the Effect of Evolving Violence on Forced MigrationGroen, D; Bell, D; Arabnejad, H; Suleimenova, D; Taylor, SJE; Anagnostou, A
15-Jul-2020Using topological data analysis and pseudo time series to infer temporal phenotypes from electronic health recordsDagliati, A; Geifman, N; Peek, N; Holmes, JH; Sacchi, L; Bellazzi, R; Sajjadi, SE; Tucker, A
27-Jul-2020Blockchain Application for Central Banks: A Systematic Mapping StudyCounsell, S; Dashkevich, N; Destefanis, G
25-Jul-2020Ultimately Bounded Filtering for Time-Delayed Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Uniform Quantizations under Random Access ProtocolGuo, J; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Zhao, Z
29-Aug-2019A trade-off for covalent and intercalation binding modes: a case study for Copper (II) ions and singly modified DNA nucleosideMouesca, JM; Ahouari, H; Dantu, SC; Sicoli, G
28-Nov-2016Structural insights into dynamics of RecU-HJ complex formation elucidates key role of NTR and stalk region toward formation of reactive stateKhavnekar, S; Dantu, SC; Sedelnikova, S; Ayora, S; Rafferty, J; Kale, A
2016State of the Art in Skinning Techniques for Articulated Deformable CharactersRumman, NA; Fratarcangeli, M
13-Jul-2020Structure-based enzyme engineering improves donor-substrate recognition of Arabidopsis thaliana GlycosyltransferasesAkere, A; Chen, SH; Liu, X; Chen, Y; Dantu, SC; Pandini, A; Bhowmik, D; Haider, S
19-Mar-2020Using olfactory media cues in e-learning – perspectives from an empirical investigationAlkasasbeh, AA; Ghinea, G
15-Apr-2020Assessing software defection prediction performanceYao, J; Shepperd, M
16-Jul-2020Informal mobile phone use by marginalised groups in a plural health system to bridge healthcare gaps in Sierra LeoneSam, S
2019Skeleton based cage generation guided by harmonic fieldsCasti, S; Livesu, M; Mellado, N; Abu Rumman, N; Scateni, R; Barthe, L; Puppo, E
2015Position-Based Skinning for Soft Articulated CharactersAbu Rumman, N; Fratarcangeli, M
2014Position based skinning of skeleton-driven deformable charactersRumman, NA; Fratarcangeli, M
2017Skin Deformation Methods for Interactive Character AnimationRumman, NA; Fratarcangeli, M
2020The Butterfly “Affect”: Impact of Development Practices on Cryptocurrency PricesBartolucci, S; Destefanis, G; Ortu, M; Uras, N; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R
18-Jun-2020Harnessing social and collaborative tools in digital disaster response work: Implications for design and practiceGambo, N; Perry, M; Kashefi, A; Ayoung, DA
26-Mar-2020A survey of social media use in emergency situations: A literature reviewAbdulhamid, NG; Ayoung, DA; Kashefi, A
9-Jun-2020An empirical investigation of performance overhead in cross-platform mobile development frameworksBiørn-Hansen, A; Rieger, C; Grønli, TM; Majchrzak, TA; Ghinea, G
3-Jul-2020Modelling and off-design performance optimisation of a trilateral flash cycle system using two-phase twin-screw expanders with variable built-in volume ratioBianchi, G; Marchionni, M; Miller, J; Tassou, SA
2020Multiparty Session Programming with Global Protocol CombinatorsImai, K; Neykova, R; Yoshida, N; Yuen, S
2020Industry Simulation Gateway on a Scalable CloudKovacs, J; Farkas, A; Emodi, M; Lovas, R; Kacsuk, P; Kiss, T; Pattison, G; Kite, S; Petry, J; Snookes, G; Anagnostou, A; Taylor, SJE
15-Jun-2020Building Confidence in Simulation: Applications of EasyVVUQWright, DW; Richardson, RA; Edeling, W; Lakhlili, J; Sinclair, RC; Jancauskas, V; Suleimenova, D; Bosak, B; Kulczewski, M; Piontek, T; Kopta, P; Chirca, I; Arabnejad, H; Luk, OO; Hoenen, O; Węglarz, J; Crommelin, D; Groen, D; Coveney, PV
2018Towards an Argumentation System for Supporting Patients in Self-Managing their Chronic ConditionsKokciyan, N; Sassoon, I; Young, AP; Chapman, M; Porat, T; Ashworth, C; Modgil, S; Parsons, S; Sklar, E
10-Jun-2020A hierarchical multi-resolution agent-based modeling and simulation framework for household electricity demand profileMahmood Qureshi Hashmi, I
11-Jun-2020Structure, Dynamics and Cellular Insight Into Novel Substrates of the Legionella pneumophila Type II Secretion SystemPortlock, TJ; Tyson, JY; Dantu, SC; Rehman, S; White, RC; McIntire, IE; Sewell, L; Richardson, K; Shaw, R; Pandini, A; Cianciotto, NP; Garnett, JA
19-Nov-2019Analysis of Friedreich's ataxia patient clinical data reveals importance of accurate GAA repeat determination in disease prognosis and gender differences in cardiac measuresGhorbani, M; Pousset, F; Tucker, A; Swift, S; Giunti, P; Parkinson, M; Gilbert, D; Liu, XH; Payne, A
8-Jan-2019Towards an automated framework for agent-based simulation of refugee movementsSuleimenova, D; Bell, D; Groen, D
27-Mar-2020Estimating Uncertainty and Interpretability in Deep Learning for CoronavirusGhoshal, B; Tucker, A
2011Adaptive special educational needs (SEN) education on the semantic webDawod, Z; Bell, D
2016Designing Effective Teaching Interventions with Semantic AnnotationDawod, Z; Bell, D
2020FACS: A geospatial agent-based simulator for analyzing COVID-19 spread and public health measures on local regionsMahmood, I; Arabnejad, H; Suleimenova, D; Sassoon, I; Marshan, A; Serrano, A; Louvieris, P; Anagnostou, A; Taylor, S; Bell, D; Groen, D
3-Mar-2020A Group Analysis of Oscillatory Phase and Phase Synchronization in Cortical NetworksWang, D; Sun, Y; Shi, H; Wang, F
2-May-2013Investigation and prototype design of collaborative virtual learning enivronmentsDarwaish, MS; Wang, F
2-May-2020Describing software developers affectiveness through Markov chain modelsOrtu, M; Conversano, C; Marchesi, M; Tonelli, R; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G
23-Mar-2015Integrating Gene Regulatory Networks to identify cancer-specific genes.Bo, V; Tucker, A
25-May-2015Designing Guidelines to Discover Causes of Delays in Construction Projects: The Case of LebanonTarhini, A; Fakih, M; Arzoky, M; Tarhini, T
25-Aug-2015An Empirical Analysis of the Seasonal Patterns in Aggregate Directors’ TradesNassar, B; Arzoky, M; Tarhini, A; Tarhini, T
25-Sep-2016Capturing sensemaking pattern during data analysis: A conceptual frameworkLycett, M; Marshan, A
2009Overlapping communities generation for online support forumsWang, Fang; Hakan, Duman; Nguyen, Duong; Thompson, Simon
22-Feb-2020A systematic review of unsupervised learning techniques for software defect predictionLi, Ning; Shepperd, Martin; Guo, Yuchen
30-Jan-2020Digital Identities for Internet of Things DevicesGronli, TM; Ginea, G
2015Mobile Phone: A New Mantra for Challenging Dominant Governance Practices in Post Conflict ContextSam, S
14-Oct-2019A comparison of reinforcement learning algorithms in fairness-oriented OFDMA schedulersComşa, IS; Zhang, S; Aydin, M; Kuonen, P; Trestian, R; Ghinea, G
17-Apr-2020Using the Lexicon from Source Code to Determine Application DomainsCapiluppi, A; Ajienka, N; Ali, N; Arzoky, M; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G; Miron, A; Nagaria, B; Neykova, R; Shepperd, M; Swift, S; Tucker, A
2019The Relevance of Application Domains in Empirical FindingsCapiluppi, Andrea; Ajienka, Nemitari
2016Towards a theoretical framework for an active cyber situational awareness modelAl-Shamisi, A; Louvieris, P; Al-Mualla, M; Mihajlov, M
24-Aug-2017Understanding the interplay between the logical and structural coupling of software classesAjienka, N; Capiluppi, A
5-Dec-2017Community effort endorsing multiscale modelling, multiscale data science and multiscale computing for systems medicineZanin, M; Chorbev, I; Stres, B; Stalidzans, E; Vera, J; Tieri, P; Castiglione, F; Groen, D; Zheng, H; Baumbach, J; Schmid, JA; Basilio, J; Klimek, P; Debeljak, N; Rozman, D; Schmidt, HHHW
2012Healthcare information systems: a patient-user perspectivePaul, RJ; Ezz, I; Kuljis, J
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1624