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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Sep-2023MARS: a DRL-based Multi-task Resource Scheduling Framework for UAV with IRS-assisted Mobile Edge Computing SystemJiang, F; Peng, Y; Wang, K; Li, D; Yang, K
7-Nov-2022Visual Saliency and Image Reconstruction from EEG Signals via an Effective Geometric Deep Network-Based Generative Adversarial NetworkKhaleghi, N; Rezaii, TY; Beheshti, S; Meshgini, S; Sheykhivand, S; Danishvar, S
8-Jan-2023A Customized Efficient Deep Learning Model for the Diagnosis of Acute Leukemia Cells Based on Lymphocyte and Monocyte ImagesAnsari, S; Navin, AH; Sangar, AB; Gharamaleki, JV; Danishvar, S
24-Jan-2023Acute Leukemia Diagnosis Based on Images of Lymphocytes and Monocytes Using Type-II Fuzzy Deep NetworkAnsari, S; Navin, AH; Babazadeh Sangar, A; Vaez Gharamaleki, J; Danishvar, S
12-May-2023Developing an Artificial Intelligence Solution to Autosegment the Edentulous Mandibular Bone for Implant PlanningMoufti, MA; Trabulsi, N; Ghousheh, M; Fattal, T; Ashira, A; Danishvar, S
1-Sep-2023Automatic Liver Tumor Segmentation from CT Images Using Graph Convolutional NetworkKhoshkhabar, M; Meshgini, S; Afrouzian, R; Danishvar, S
13-Oct-2022Automatically Identified EEG Signals of Movement Intention Based on CNN Network (End-To-End)Shahini, N; Bahrami, Z; Sheykhivand, S; Marandi, S; Danishvar, M; Danishvar, S; Roosta, Y
2-Sep-2023Qualitative Classification of Proximal Femoral Bone Using Geometric Features and Texture Analysis in Collected MRI Images for Bone Density EvaluationNajafi, M; Yousefi Rezaii, T; Danishvar, S; Razavi, SN
11-Jul-2022Diagnosis of liver disease by computer- assisted imaging techniques: A literature reviewKalejahi, BK; Meshgini, S; Danishvar, S; Khorram, S
3-Sep-2023Large AI Model Empowered Multimodal Semantic CommunicationsJiang, F; Peng, Y; Dong, L; Wang, K; Yang, K; Pan, C; You, X
7-Jul-2023Large AI Model-Based Semantic CommunicationsJiang, F; Peng, Y; Dong, L; Wang, K; Yang, K; Pan, C; You, X
1-Mar-2022User cooperation for IRS-aided secure MIMO systemsZhou, G; Pan, C; Ren, H; Wang, K; Chai, KK; Wong, K-K
5-Apr-2022Computation Efficiency Optimization for Millimeter-Wave Mobile Edge Computing Networks With NOMAYu, X; Xu, F; Cai, J; Dang, X-Y; Wang, K
7-Aug-2023MCFormer: A Transformer-Based Detector for Molecular Communication with Accelerated Particle-Based SolutionLu, X; Bai, C; Zhu, A; Zhu, Y; Wang, K
2-Apr-2020Estimating Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Reporting Confidence: An Application on Cell Type Prediction in Testes Based on ProteomicsGhoshal, B; Lindskog, C; Tucker, A
2-Apr-2020DO-U-Net for Segmentation and Counting: Applications to Satellite and Medical ImagesOverton, T; Tucker, A
22-May-2021Uncertainty Estimation in SARS-CoV-2 B-Cell Epitope Prediction for Vaccine DevelopmentGhoshal, B; Ghoshal, B; Swift, S; Tucker, A
24-Feb-2021Using Bayesian networks to investigate the influence of subseasonal arctic variability on midlatitude North Atlantic circulationHarwood, N; Hall, R; Di Capu, G; Russell, A; Tucker, A
25-Sep-2021Investor sentiment and the dispersion of stock returns: Evidence based on the social network of investorsAl-Nasseri, A; Menla Ali, F; Tucker, A
25-Oct-2022Printed Circuit Board Inspection: Fusion of Optical and X-ray Images (FOXi) for Electronic Components ClassificationStarodubov, D; Danishvar, S; Ott, R; Abu Ebayyeh, AARM; Cummings, N; Mousavi, A
20-Jul-2023A Novel Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm With Hierarchical Response SystemLi, H; Wang, Z; Lan, C; Wu, P; Zeng, N
31-Jul-2023PID Tracking Control Under Multiple Description Encoding MechanismsZhao, D; Wang, Z; Liu, S; Han, Q-L; Wei, G
28-Jul-2023A Novel Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization Algorithm With Non-Inductive Transfer Learning Based on Multi-Strategy Adaptive SelectionLi, H; Wang, Z; Lan, C; Wu, P; Zeng, N
6-Feb-2021Transit sets of two-point crossoverChangat, M; Narasimha-Shenoi, PG; Hossein Nezhad, F; Kovše, M; Mohandas, S; Ramachandran, A; Stadler, PF
8-Jun-2023Model-agnostic Method: Exposing Deepfake using Pixel-wise Spatial and Temporal FingerprintsYang, J; Sun, Y; Mao, M; Bai, L; Zhang, S; Wang, F
12-Aug-2023Seedability: optimizing alignment parameters for sensitive sequence comparisonAyad, LAK; Chikhi, R; Pissis, SP
15-Mar-2021A comparative analysis of active learning for biomedical text miningNaseem, U; Khushi, M; Khan, SK; Shaukat, K; Moni, MA
2-Feb-2021A survey of forex and stock price prediction using deep learningHu, Z; Zhao, Y; Khushi, M
17-Feb-2021Text mining of stocktwits data for predicting stock pricesJaggi, M; Mandal, P; Narang, S; Naseem, U; Khushi, M
1-Mar-2021Feature learning for stock price prediction shows a significant role of analyst ratingSingh, J; Khushi, M
16-Jul-2021BioALBERT: A Simple and Effective Pre-trained Language Model for Biomedical Named Entity RecognitionNaseem, U; Khushi, M; Reddy, V; Rajendran, S; Razzak, I; Kim, J
18-Jul-2021Classifying vaccine sentiment tweets by modelling domain-specific representation and commonsense knowledge into context-aware attentive GRUNaseem, U; Khushi, M; Kim, J; Dunn, A
15-Jun-2022Stock Predictor with Graph Laplacian-Based Multi-task LearningHe, J; Tran, NH; Khushi, M
5-Sep-2021Lung Cancer Prediction Using Curriculum Learning Based Deep Neural NetworksZhou, J; Khushi, M; Moni, MA; Uddin, S; Poon, SK
26-May-2022Benchmarking for Public Health Surveillance tasks on Social Media with a Domain-Specific Pretrained Language ModelNaseem, U; Lee, B; Khushi, M; Kim, J; Dunn, AG
16-Jul-2022A machine learning software tool for multiclass classification[Formula presented]Wang, S; Lu, H; Khan, A; Hajati, F; Khushi, M; Uddin, S
16-Dec-2020Biomarker CA125 Feature Engineering and Class Imbalance Learning Improves Ovarian Cancer PredictionYang, X; Khushi, M; Shaukat, K
11-Jul-2023K-PathVQA: Knowledge-Aware Multimodal Representation for Pathology Visual Question AnsweringNaseem, U; Khushi, M; Dunn, AG; Kim, J
16-Dec-2019An Efficient Routing Strategy for Information Centric NetworksDelvadia, K; Dutta, N; Ghinea, G
9-May-2020Competências Conversacionais Em Ambientes De Redações Jornalísticasdos Santos, ACC; de Lucena Filho, GJ; Ghinea, G; de Rezende Alvares, LMA; dos Santos, ÉR; Brandão, MDFR
23-Jul-2020Toward Content-Driven Intelligent Authoring of Mulsemedia Applicationsde Abreu, RS; Mattos, D; dos Santos, J; Ghinea, G; Muchaluat-Saade, DC
9-Jan-2021Gas detection and identification using multimodal artificial intelligence based sensor fusionNarkhede, P; Walambe, R; Mandaokar, S; Chandel, P; Kotecha, K; Ghinea, G
14-Sep-2020On the influence of individual differences in cross-modal Mulsemedia QoEKani-Zabihi, E; Hussain, N; Mesfin, G; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G
31-Dec-2021SVM-based Analysis for Predicting Success Rate of Interest Packets in Information Centric NetworksDutta, N; Tanwar, S; Patel, SK; Ghinea, G
6-Jul-2023Smart Antenna Optimization Techniques for Wireless ApplicationsSuriyan, K; Nagarajan, R; Ghinea, G
7-Jun-2023Semi-Automatic mulsemedia authoring analysis from the user's perspectiveAbreu, R; Mattos, D; Santos, J; Guinea, G; Muchaluat-Saade, DC
3-Dec-2022A review on COLREGs-compliant navigation of autonomous surface vehicles: From traditional to learning-based approachesHu, L; Hu, H; Naeem, W; Wang, Z
1-May-2023Secure Particle Filtering With Paillier Encryption-Decryption Scheme: Application to Multi-machine Power GridsQu, B; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Dong, H
1-Jun-2023Ultimately Bounded PID Control For T-S Fuzzy Systems Under FlexRay Communication ProtocolWang, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Ma, L; Dong, H
12-May-2023Subdomain-Alignment Data Augmentation for Pipeline Fault Diagnosis: An Adversarial Self-Attention NetworkWang, C; Wang, Z; Ma, L; Dong, H; Sheng, W
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 2038