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Title: Trends of European research and development in district heating technologies
Authors: Sayegh, MA
Danielewicz, J
Nannou, T
Miniewicz, M
Jadwiszczak, P
Piekarska, K
Jouhara, H
Keywords: District heating;Energy technologies;Renewable energy;Sustainability in district heating
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, (2016)
Abstract: There is a considerable diversity of district heating (DH) technologies, components and interaction in EU countries. The trends and developments of DH are investigated in this paper. Research of four areas related to DH systems and their interaction with: fossil fuels, renewable energy (RE) sources, energy efficiency of the systems and the impact on the environment and the human health are described in the following content. The key conclusion obtained from this review is that the DH development requires more flexible energy systems with building automations, more significant contribution of RE sources, more dynamic prosumers׳ participation, and integration with mix fuel energy systems, as part of smart energy sustainable systems in smart cities. These are the main issues that Europe has to address in order to establish sustainable DH systems across its countries.
ISSN: 1364-0321
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