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Title: Iterative procedures for identification of nonlinear interconnected systems
Authors: Pepona, E
Date, P
Keywords: identification;piecewise affine
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: This work addresses the identification problem of a discrete-time nonlinear system composed by linear and nonlinear subsystems. Systems in this class will be represented by Linear Fractional Transformations. Iterative identification procedures are examined, that alternate between the estimation of the linear and the nonlinear components. The burden of identification falls naturally on the nonlinear subsystem, as techniques for identification of linear systems have long been established. Two approaches are examined. A point-wise identification of the nonlinearity, recently proposed in the literature, is applied and its advantages and drawbacks are outlined. An alternative procedure that employs piecewise affine approximation techniques is proposed. Numerical examples demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm.
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