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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2023Pricing and hedging wind power prediction risk with binary option contractsThakur, P; Hesamzadeh, M; Date, P; Bunn, D
26-May-2022Periodic Solutions in R<sup>n</sup> for Stationary Anisotropic Stokes and Navier-Stokes SystemsMikhailov, SE
24-Jul-2023Stabilization and Optimal Control for Discrete-time Markov Jump Linear System with Multiplicative Noises and Input Delays: A Complete SolutionHan, C; Wang, Z; Zhang, H; Date, P
7-Aug-2023Mode-Based Classifier: A Robust and Flexible Discriminant Analysis for High-Dimensional DataXiong, W; Härdle, WK; Wang, J; Yu, K; Tian, M
20-Jul-2023Bayesian log-linear beta-negative binomial integer-valued Garch modelChu, Y; Yu, K
26-May-2022Periodic Solutions in R^n for Stationary Anisotropic Stokes and Navier-Stokes SystemsMikhailov, SE
8-Mar-2023Weighted Competing Risks Quantile Regression Models and Variable SelectionLi, E; Pan, J; Tang, M; Yu, K; Härdle, WK; Dai, X; Tian, M
10-Dec-2020Changes in student entry competencies 2001–2017Hodds, M; Shao, J; Lawson, D
6-Jan-2023Largest nearest-neighbour link and connectivity threshold in a polytopal random samplePenrose, MD; Yang, X
12-Jan-2023Dynamical behavior of a cancer growth model with chemotherapy and boosting of the immune systemWinter, M; Jawad, S; Rahman, Z-ASA; Al-Yasir, YIA; Zeb, A
8-Jan-2023Automated Learning of Gravitational Mass of Elliptical GalaxiesChakrabarty, D
1-Jan-2013Quadratic estimates for pertubed Dirac type operators on doubling measure metric spacesBandara, L
27-Oct-2022The Relative Index Theorem for General First-Order Elliptic OperatorsBandara, L
3-Jun-2021On transmissible load formulations in topology optimizationLu, H; Tyas, A; Gilbert, M; Pichugin, AV
20-Sep-2022Gaussian Filtering for Simultaneously Occurring Delayed and Missing MeasurementsNaik, AK; Kumar, G; Upadhyay, PK; Date, P; Singh, AK
20-May-2019A note on the two dimensional electrostatic field produced by a line charge near a dielectric wedgeRawlins, AD
11-Nov-2022Existence and stability of singular patterns in a fractional Ginzburg–Landau equation with a mean fieldGao, M; Winter, M; Yang, W
19-Aug-2022Wrapped Particle Filtering for Angular DataDate, P; Kumar, G; Pachori, RB; Swaminathan, R; Singh, AK
29-Aug-2022Approximate Fourier series recursion for problems involving temporal fractional calculusShaw, S; Whiteman, JR
13-Aug-2022Renewable quantile regression for streaming data setsJiang, R; Yu, K
13-Mar-2023Stationary anisotropic Stokes, Oseen and Navier–Stokes systems: Periodic solutions in ℝ<sup><i>n</i></sup>Mikhailov, SE
1-Aug-2022Quantitative two-scale stabilization on the Poisson spaceLachièze-Rey, R; Peccati, G; Yang, X
26-Mar-2015How Einstein and/or Schrödinger should have discovered Bell's theorem in 1936Jevtic, S; Rudolph, T
19-Oct-2018Uniform Hausdorff dimension result for the inverse images of stable Lévy processesSong, R; Xiao, Y; Yang, X
22-Aug-2017Hausdorff Dimension of the Range and the Graph of Stable-Like ProcessesYang, X
31-Jan-2019Multifractal properties of sample paths of ground state-transformed jump processesLőrinczi, J; Yang, X
8-May-2020Restricted hypercontractivity on the Poisson spaceNourdin, I; Peccati, G; Yang, X
5-Feb-2019On sojourn of Brownian motion inside moving boundariesSeuret, S; Yang, X
24-Aug-2022Non-homogeneous Dirichlet-transmission problems for the anisotropic Stokes and Navier-Stokes systems in Lipschitz domains with transversal interfacesKohr, M; Mikhailov, SE; Wendland, WL
31-Oct-2019Uniform Dimension Results for the Inverse Images of Symmetric Lévy ProcessesPark, H; Xiao, Y; Yang, X
1-Dec-2019On the Favorite Points of Symmetric Lévy ProcessesLi, B; Xiao, Y; Yang, X
1-Nov-2018Multifractality of jump diffusion processesYang, X
22-Jun-2019Berry-esseen bounds in the breuer-major CLT and gebelein’s inequalityNourdin, I; Peccati, G; Yang, X
30-May-2017Multifractal analysis for the occupation measure of stable-like processesSeuret, S; Yang, X
20-Jan-2022Fractal Gaussian Networks: A Sparse Random Graph Model Based on Gaussian Multiplicative ChaosGhosh, S; Balasubramanian, K; Yang, X
13-Jan-2022Fractal Gaussian Networks: A sparse random graph model based on Gaussian Multiplicative ChaosGhosh, S; Balasubramanian, K; Yang, X
3-Mar-2021Non-integrable Stable Approximation by Stein’s MethodChen, P; Nourdin, I; Xu, L; Yang, X; Zhang, R
22-Jun-2021Malliavin–stein method: A survey of some recent developmentsAzmoodeh, E; Peccati, G; Yang, X
2-Apr-2022A Boundary Element Procedure for 3D Electromagnetic Transmission Problems with Large ConductivityOspino Portillo, JE; Maischak, M; Nezhi, Z
21-Apr-2022Trends in Mortality From Novel Psychoactive Substances as “Legal Highs”: Gender Differences in Manner of Death and Implications for Risk Differences for WomenWebb, L; Shi, X; Goodair, C; Cheeta, S
24-Aug-2021Designs with complex blocking structures and network effects for agricultural field experimentsKoutra, V; Gilmour, SG; Parker, BM; Mead, A
20-Mar-2022Sample Size Determination for Interval Estimation of the Prevalence of a Sensitive Attribute Under Randomized Response ModelsQiu, SF; Tang, ML; Tao, JR; Wong, RS
20-Dec-2007Testing for homogeneity of gametic disequilibrium across strataYin, X; Ma, W; Tang, M; Guo, J
25-Feb-2022K-nearest neighbor estimation of functional nonparametric regression model under NA samplesHu, X; Wang, J; Wang, L; Yu, K
11-Jun-2021The Calabi problem for smooth Fano threefoldsAraujo, C; Castravet, A-M; Cheltsov, I; Fujita, K; Kaloghiros, A-S; Martinez-Garcia, J; Shramov, C; Süss, H; Viswanathan, N
11-May-2022Scenario Generation for Asset and Liability Management Models Applied to a Saudi Arabian Pension FundAlwohaibi, M; Roman, D; Peluso, A
4-Jun-2021Multivariate Normal Approximation on the Wiener Space: New Bounds in the Convex DistanceNourdin, I; Peccati, G; Yang, X
29-Dec-2021The Dynamics of a Modified Holling-Tanner Prey-Predator Model with Wind EffectJawad, S; Sultan, D; Winter, M
3-Dec-2021No-crossing single-index quantile regression curve estimationYu, K; Jiang, R
12-Oct-2021Diffuse field cross-correlations: Scattering theory and electromagnetic experimentsDavy, M; Besnier, P; del Hougne, P; de Rosny, J; Richalot, E; Sarrazin, F; Savin, DV; Mortessagne, F; Kuhl, U; Legrand, O
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1040