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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The ECB’s Independence and the Principle of Separation' European Journal of Law ReformNika, P
15-Aug-2020AI-assisted inventions in the field of drug discovery: readjusting the inventive step analysisGurgula, O
20-Oct-2020A British national scandal: hunger, foodbanks, and the deployment of a Dickensian tropeHowarth, A
2020Strategic patenting by pharmaceutical companies: should competition law intervene?Gurgula, O
2006Domestic violence, men's groups and the equivalence argumentKaganas, F
2020The psychological impact of military operations on civilians and the UN Human Rights Committee Japalali decision: Exploring mental anguish under a vida digna, right to life prismSolomon, S
11-May-2021The American Way—Until Machine Learning Algorithm Beats the Law? Algorithmic Consumer Credit Scoring in the EU and USGikay, AA
2020Appraising the ‘Greek Truth Committee’ in the Age of Debt: Counter-expertise, ‘battle truths’, and the struggle against post-crash neoliberalismBowsher, J
25-Nov-2020Consumer financial well-being in the post-crisis era: financial education on the cross-road to prominenceDe Pascalis, F; Reisberg, A
2020Crossing Borders. The Making of France's Eastern Frontier in Alsace, 1918-1939Carrol, A
2019Religious Minorities of Pakistan: Report of a Parliamentary Visit 27 (September 2018 – 3 October 2018)Rehman, J
2015Adjudication on the Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Muslim WorldRehman, J
2014Combating International Terrorism without Undermining Human Rights - Is there a way forward?Rehman, J
2018'Lieux de mémoire' in international law: The rights of national and ethnic minorities related to their memorial sitesBerkes, A
2020Aggressive practices and consumer credit in the EUKaprou, E
2015The market for corporate control in the banking industryTsagas, G
18-Jun-2020An Introduction: The Secret Struggle for the Global South–Espionage, Military Assistance and State Security in the Cold WarRichterova, D; Telepneva, N
2020‘Not all of us can be nurses’: proposing and resisting entrepreneurship education in rural LesothoAnsell, N; Dungey, C
2020Social Europe: A Midsummer Night’s Dream?Alexandris Polomarkakis, K
2020Implementation of the Pan-European General Principles of Good Administration in Bulgaria? It would be a really good ideaPaskalev, V
2020Beyond e-commerce: some thoughts on regulating the disruptive effect of social (media) commerceRiefa, C
10-May-2020Global Regulations for a Digital Economy: Between New and Old ChallengesBeaumier, G; Kalomeni, K; Campbell-Verduyn, M; Lenglet, M; Natile, S; Papin, M; Rodima-Taylor, D; Silve, A; Zhang, F
2020The Catalysing Effect of the Rome Statute in Africa: Positive Complementarity and Self-ReferralsHobbs, P
2020Party Finance in 2019: Advantage Conservative PartyFisher, J
2020Multiculturalism- a tradition of thought that liberal nationalists should useUberoi, V
2020The Exclusionary Politics of Digital Financial Inclusion: Mobile Money, Gendered WallsNatile, S
2016The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade from the Bight of Biafra: An OverviewMorgan, K
2021Navigating by the Southern Cross: The European Maritime Discovery of AustraliaMorgan, K
7-May-2020The Hundred Years' War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi review – conquest and resistanceHughes, M
2020After (Post) HegemonyThomas, P
2020"No Man is Big Enough": President Harding's Defense of the Proto-Modern ExecutivePalmer, N
2020Michael Skidmore v Led Zeppelin: US Copyright Infringement in MusicBosher, H
8-Apr-2020The stateless (ad)vantage? Resistance, land and rootedness in the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan HeightsKastrinou, AMA; Fakher El-Deen, S; Emery, SB
Oct-2017Article 18 From Rhetoric to Reality: A report of the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious FreedomRehman, J; Evans, M; Thane, K
19-Oct-2018EMI Films and the Limits of British CinemaMoody, P
31-Aug-2018The Revolutionary Foundation of Modern Political Thought: Machiavelli, Spinoza, and Constituent PowerDel Lucchese, F
2-May-2019The Cultural Heritage of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples in the EU: Weaknesses or Opportunities?Xanthaki, A
2016'L'incidenza del Diritto Internazionale sull'Attuale Quadro Normativo'Natile, Serena
2020Why ‘less is more’ in non-financial reporting initiatives: concrete steps towards supporting sustainabilityTsagas, G; Villiers, C
1-Nov-2019Monstrosity and Philosophy Radical Otherness in Greek and Latin CultureLucchese, FD
2020Economic Inactivity and Economic Citizenship in the EUMardikian, L
2020The Challenge of Plastic Pollution in NigeriaDumbili, E; Henderson, L
11-Dec-2019Law, Technology and Cognition: The Human Element in Online Copyright InfringementBosher, Hayleigh
22-Feb-2018Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006: Desperate Times Call for Soft Law MeasuresTsagas, Georgina
5-Jun-2015Transnational Institutional Torturers: State Crime, Ideology and the Role of France’s Savoir-Faire in Argentina’s Dirty War, 1976 to 1983Collard, Melanie
15-May-2015Economic self-determination in post-conflict reconstruction: The case study of Timor-LesteMardikian, Lisa
2019Copyright Protection of Illegal Street and Graffiti ArtworksWestenberger, P
10-Dec-2019Tim Rogan. The Moral Economists: R. H. Tawney, Karl Polanyi, E. P. Thompson, and the Critique of Capitalism.Dale, Gareth
2020Lecture Capture Policies: A Survey of British UniversitiesHowarth, A
18-Dec-2019Acting for Others: Relational Transformations in Papua New GuineaHirsch, E
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 110