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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Modelling of High Velocity Impact on Carbon Fibre Composite MaterialsVignjevic, R; Djordjevic, N
9-Sep-2019Approximate Mode-based Simulation of Composite Wind Turbine Blade Vibrations using a Simplified Beam ModelNavadeh, N; Gorshko, I; Zhuk, Y; Soleiman Fallah, A
2019Channel Length Dependent Characterisations of Organic Thin Film Transistors with Solution Processable Gadolinium Phthalocyanine DerivativesRay, A; Barard, S; Mukherjee, D; Sarkar, S; Kreouzis, T; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN
1-Oct-2019Performance enhancement of asphalt patch repair with innovative heating strategyByzyka, J; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2017Towards a consensus on the understanding and analysis of the pulse waveform: Results from the 2016 Workshop on Arterial Hemodynamics: Past, present and futureSegers, P; O'Rourke, MF; Parker, K; Westerhof, N; Hughes, A; Aguado-Sierra, J; Aizawa, K; Alastruey, J; Allen, J; Avolio, A; Chen, CH; Cheng, HM; Faita, F; Fraser, A; Gavish, B; Greenwald, S; Hametner, B; Holewijn, S; Di Lascio, N; Izzo, JL; Khir, AW; Negoita, M; Obeid, H; Mynard, J; Reesink, KD; Rivolo, S; Schultz, MG; Sharman, J; Spronck, B; Su, J; Thom, S; Vennin, S; Verdonck, P; Westerhof, BE
2017Total CCl₄ guest alignment in a quasiracemic clathrate closely related to Dianin’s compoundFrampton, CS; MacNicol, DD; Gall, JH
2014Functionalized thermo-responsive microgels for high performance forward osmosis desalinationHartanto, Y; Yun, S; Jin, B; Dai, S
2018Organic and Inorganic Fouling in Heat Exchangers – Industrial Case Study: Analysis of Fouling RateDiaz-Bejarano, E; Behranvand, E; Coletti, F; Mozdianfard, MR; Macchietto, S
23-May-2019Cross Sectional Examination of a Fouled Tube Removed from a Crude Oil Preheat ExchangerColetti, F; Behranvand, E; Mozdianfard, MR; Diaz-Bejarano, E; Orzlowski, P; Macchietto, S
2018Four-valve supercharged two-stroke DI engine fuelled with gasoline and ethanol. Part one – Performance and combustion analysisZhao, H; Dalla Nora, M; Lanzanova, T